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First my favorite version of Do Re Mi.
Cloth diapering essentially refers  to ‘Advanced Cloth Diapering’ and not traditional cloth diapers.Cloth diapers are a part of ‘Natural Parenting’ a trend that promotes adopting natural baby-care practices which are pro-baby and pro-earth. Advanced cloth diapers, as the new age cloth diapers like Superbottoms are called, are made up of cloth to provide all the benefits of disposable diapers in the goodness of cloth . These diapers are dry-feel, completely waterproof, and last for hours together. And yes, they are completely washable and re-usable.
Pallavi Utagi  founder of SuperBottoms says that her son inspired her to start something of her own . “When he was born, like most new parents, we were only aware of disposable diapers. When we began using them, we learnt more about them, and the more we learnt about them, the more we did not want to use them! They were not just expensive, but also extremely damaging to the earth.”
“Moreover, our son had a sensitive skin and got a rash with the diapers. That is when we decided that we had to find an alternative. We came across the concept of Natural Parenting and ‘Advanced Cloth Diapers’. These are fairly popular concepts in developed countries.”
Pallavi  imported a few cloth diapers and fell in love with them instantly! She realised that this concept had to be built in India, and that required them  to make a product that would appeal to the Indian parents. ” Thus was born Superbottoms. Superbottoms do  not just have quirky desi designs, but they are also super trim for Indian babies and are made much more affordable without any compromise on safety.
Super Bottoms is  India’s only CPSIA (US Standards) safety certified brand. Brand’s USP  is ‘Super products, at a super price’ . Their  products are truly comparable to popular international brands in performance and  come with the cutest designs. They are also  backed by an awesome support team that is always around to help new mothers, and are affordably priced.
“Our  team is an all-moms team managed entirely by passionate mothers who loved cloth diapering enough to join us in the journey to take it to more parents. On of my  most memorable moment was the day we shifted out of the spare bedroom to a proper warehouse It was a very emotional and proud moment to see our baby outgrow the space it was started in :) ” says Pallavi
Five must have Super Bottom Designs – we always say #BuyAllTheDiapers !
 Superbottoms  India-inspired diapers are designed by designers across India and abroad, many of them mothers themselves :)

But if you have to choose just 5 (out of their very many prints) we  would say go for –

Warli Art (This looks extremely classy on the bum and is super versatile to work with any coloured top!)
Baby Talk (Their most popular print. And you can never go wrong with Red)
Periwinkle (This one is a latest launch and it flew off the shelves almost overnight! It is handpainted and digitised and it is inspired from a popular Indian Flower)
Indian Family (One of my favourite prints – it is just super duper quirky)
Very Filmy (Again a very versatile print and my favourite because it has all my favourite movie characters on it)
Pallavi wants to take cloth diapering to more parents in India, encouraging them to #GoSuperWithCloth  via retail expansion and by reaching out to pediatricians too.
Buy your Superbottoms here.
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