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Rahul has been a fashion enthusiast since childhood, he got a chance to associate with fashion world when he started working as a Marketing Executive at Roposo. He says , he is a perfect byproduct of Indian Education System- An Engineer with an MBA degree :) ” Why I used the word  byproduct is because both my degrees helped me grow as an individual, but contributed little in terms of my professional career growth.”


Over to Rahul to share a little bit more about himself :

Thanks to my education & work, I have travelled far and wide in India. A Keralite born and brought up in Delhi, finished my engineering from one of the many engineering colleges mushrooming in the suburbs of Chennai, I am an amalgamation of varied cultures and not truly belonging to one. Four years in Chennai were an eye-opener for someone like me who has always been pampered at home. Post that I somehow managed to survive at an MNC Steel Plant in Paradeep, Odisha for just above a year. Those 14 months in Odisha helped me experience the rural India in its true essence- from the feudal system to the strong cultural fabric that the inhabitants had  in them.  I went ahead and then pursued my masters from MICA, Ahmedabad. Two years at MICA was sort of a much needed break that I needed- learned a lot more outside the 4 walls of classrooms, enjoyed the explosion of myriad cultures and it encouraged me to express my true self in front of others.


As destiny had it, I landed myself at one of the largest Banks of India as a part of the placement process. Bank was the last place that I had imagined myself to be as I consider finance to be one of the nightmares that I never wanted to experience.  My stint at the Bank HQ in Mumbai helped me understand the functioning of a large financial institution very closely and in the process helped me to ease my relationship with my deadliest nightmare-Finance. And then I finally leaped into Roposo, one of the many startups that was doing good. And finally I am at a place where I enjoy my work, because my passion is part of my job- Fashion. Yes, it has its shares of ups and downs, but that’s what gives me the much required boost


It has been 10 years now that I have been out of my parents’ home. I have seen my share of happiness, sadness and other sets of emotions. But one thing I enjoy the most is the independence- independence of when, where, how and what to do.


Dance is meditation for me. The sound of the gunghroo and  its vibrations on the ground oozes out all my stress. Another stress buster for me is to visit a shop and just explore. It’s not a mandate for me to buy, but the whole experience is just liberating: P



Style Icons, favourite designers, stores

The biggest fashion influencer for me has been my mother. I still remember how as a child I use to stare at her while she used to take out her sarees from her old ancestral trunk. The smell of the cottons, the kanjivarams, chiffons is still strong in my mind. I strongly believe that fashion has no gender and it all depends on how you treat a piece of cloth. Its your personality that reflects through your styling of clothing and not vice-versa. Also I am a big Bollywood fanatic and Bollywood has always inspired me- whether its Rekha’s kanjivarams, Manish malhotra’s outfits for the Yashraj/Dharma movies or Ranvir’s unconventional outfits. On the verge of sounding too dramatic, I confess that I just adore Sonam’s style (Much credit to her Sister & stylist- Rhea Kapoor)


I am a big fan of Indian handlooms- ikats, patola, khadi. There is so much richness when it comes to Indian handlooms. Unfortunately now there are very few takers of it. I have always made it a point to buy handlooms from each of the place where I have either lived or have visited. Its difficult to choose one favorite designer since there are so many who are doing some great stuff. I am in love with Sabyasachi (My wedding outfit is going to be by him for sure- I have been saving money for quite some time now 😛 ), Amrich, Pella, Payal Khandwala, Antar Agni are few other designers whose work interest me.


As far as stores are concerned I am more of a street style guy. But Nalli’s flagship store in Chennai and Amprapali Jewels, Juhu are my one stop solution . Also OMO, The Shop both in Bandra & Maalgadi in Surat are my  go to stores for affordable clothing & accessories.


Rahul ‘s fashion tips for Indian men

Indian men are very conservative when it comes to prints, colors & cuts when it comes to dressing. I believe we have to ease out a little more. Don’t go for drastic makeovers but one can add polka dots, geometics, pallazos, pink, burgundy to their wardrobes. Wear clothes that help you breathe rather than choking yourself. And always accessories yourself- either with a watch, brooch or with a ring

One Ethnic  Wear Tip – Wrap a dhoti with a floral print T-shirt & a well fitted blazer. It works wonders.

One Workplace Wear Tip– Add fine polka dot printed shirts in pastel shades with dark trousers

One all time fashion tip– Take a tour of your sibling/flatmate/roommate and upcycle their stuff and create your style statement


Rahul it was so cool to walk through your wardrobe. I hope more men get inspired to dress up like you and uh well women too !!!

If you would like to participate in our “Walk into my wardrobe ” series – please drop us a mail at : [email protected]




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