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Lets be honest , Instagram is full of cute kids of all ages from all over the world. And then there is a special boy Neil who is not just super cute and but has a unique sense of style & wardrobe thanks to his designer mom. We had been stalking #raisingmonty for a while and then we decided to approach his uber talented mother Paulami Saha Arora to share his pictures.

Welcoming Neil , our youngest candidate for Walk into my Wardrobe :

On his first birthday Neil wore a waist coat, with kurta pajama from Fab India.

Charkhee is from Ziba by Hand’s The Handmade Collective held at Aga Khan in Delhi last year. It gets him complements every time he wears and the cotton is so soft.
CharkheeSunbird is a brand that does lovely understated organic clothes, which Paulami purchased from Dastkar, Delhi.
 Chrome Yellow is a local brand and Paulami picked them up from one of Dastkar fairs for a wedding.
Almirah is a small shop based in Lodi Colony, Meherchand market in Delhi . It was a random purchase yet again comes in very soft cotton.Almirah_top
 “Milk teeth and Project Indi Store are online shopping brands that I go for. Milk teeth is a homegrown label by one our college mates from NIFT  Hyderabad and she does these beautiful clothes fusing made in India with a western sensibility. Project Indi store, as the name suggests stocks there home label as well few other Indi based local labels which uses block prints, tie n die, and such  handicraft techniques to bring about unique designs in kurtas etc. “
(Indie Project Store)

(Milk teeth)

We asked Paulami how is to be an entrepreneur while also raising a small baby boy full time ? Here is what she had to say …” Managing a baby and a business has not been easy, but I was very lucky that the initial hard work (sourcing, finding connects etc) that is required, had already progressed before his arrival.I am very proud of the fact that I did not take a day off after my delivery and was remotely managing an ongoing exhibition at Dastkar.

Having staff with whom I am working  over many years does help to manage it in my absence. Also the fact that the  ladies who do my work are also multitasking with their households, makes us empathize and get attuned to each others requirements.

Moreover, baby wearing is such a boon and I am grateful to come across such baby carriers( She uses Soul ) that made my life easier as I took the baby almost everywhere, be it exhibitions, photoshoots etc. All of these find a space in my wardrobe.

It is ofcourse a bit limiting at times, and I do want to have my own focused workspace in near future but right now this is the best way I have found a balance.”

Parting with some pictures of Neil in beautifully handcrafted sweaters by his grandma.

one with Nani
blackyellowPaulami runs a very successful fabric jewellery brand herself and you can check it out here. Her latest heart broaches are on our shopping list already.

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