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We love Ankita’s effortless style in Maxi dresses and we love it more because they are in beautiful Indian prints and textiles.
Over to Ankita to share her style journey :
Wearing a brown-red Ajrakh printed cape . It even works as a long open cardigan which I love! I can wear it with jeans for a really fun fusion look

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bagh print maxi
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I’m Ankita, co-founder of The Smarketers, an inbound marketing & sales company that focuses on crafting growth strategies for B2B companies. During the day, I’m consumed with creating and executing marketing plans for various clients, working out of the IT hub of India, Hyderabad. As much as my work excites me, I am also captivated by the art of style. To me expressing myself in terms of how I dress has always been of paramount importance.
(bagru print sari converted into a maxi)

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I think there is much more to creating a wardrobe than just filling it with the latest fashion trends, a term that I actually despise. I love old things and handmade things and things that can be used in a million different ways. I love stealing sarees and dupattas from my mom that I sometimes use as is or repurpose them to create other outfits.
Wearing a peacock painted Kalamkari dress – one of my absolute favorites. So many people wanted to steal this dress, which makes me love it more :)

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Ever since I moved to India about 4 years ago, I have been incredibly enamored by the astounding range of fabrics, prints and patterns that we create indigenously. Finding an exquisite combination of pretty airy cotton fabrics and a talented tailor soon became the foundation of a handloom focused wardrobe for me.
and my favorite kohlapuris

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I’m particularly inspired by the dressing style of the Rabari women and also Nautch girls. I love comfort dressing, yet at the same time, I like at least one thing that I’m wearing to be absolutely loud. This is reflected mostly in my choice of accessories, which is always over the top. It isn’t always easy though – I live in Hyderabad, a city where most people still haven’t grasped the concept of developing a personal style. So, it gets a little awkward at times to really dress the way I want to. Indian cities, in general, aren’t  favorable to women who stand out, so I feel that sometimes I have to forcefully dim my sartorial choices to fit in. But I feel that I have found a happy middle ground with longer dresses, some of which can also double as a kurta.
Ajrakh mul cotton dress with Afgaan pendant

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In fact my obsession with dresses, especially maxi dresses has grown to such lofty heights that I just can’t bear to wear jeans anymore.
Blue Khadi dress

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 One of my recent favorite – an offwhite handwoven cotton fabric with delicate diamond motif.
For more on Ankita’s personal style inspiration , follow her on Instagram here.

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