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So I am trying a new feature with the Walk into my wardrobe . From now on whoever gets to be featured here shall get to play their favorite music . So click on the link below . The youtube link will open in a new tab and let the music play, while you read the post. Do tell me in the comments below if you like the idea, love it , hate it or if there is a better way of doing this.

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I came across Jayanthi’s profile on Instagram and I realized nothing would make “Walk into my Wardrobe” more exciting than having a mother daughter duo.

Diwali2015 022

“I am Jayanthi. My husband Sarath and I live with our 6 year old daughter Sasha in Atlanta, USA. We have lived here for over 15 years now. I am originally from Chennai. I was working as an IT Recruiter for a decade. But I now have the privilege of being a stay home Mom which has given me the chance to get back to being the artist I once was. ”

“I am fiercely proud of India’s textile heritage.  I am all about hand woven and hand printed fabrics. I am all too familiar with the weft and the warp. I have a background in Textile Design. I have a very hands on experience in mixing dyes, block printing, screen printing, tie and dye, batik and many more. And I have an immense respect for the craft. Being south Indian my number one will always be Kanjeevarams. My Mom goes all the way to Kanjeevaram to buy them. But for me its strictly for family weddings. Another favoutire is Benaras. I love how timeless it is. I have plenty of tussars because you can either drees it up or dress it down depending ont he occasion. You cant go wrong with them. Kalamkari sarees and fabrics always have my vote. A recent favourite are linen sarees. But nothing makes me more happier than a crisp cotton saree :)  ”




Jayanthi never misses a chance to wear Indian clothes in the US. After all these years its still what she feels most comfortable in. Even to formal Holiday parties she gladly wears a saree. ” I wish to start wearing them on more casual occasions as well. Sasha loves Indian clothes as well. She always insists on Kajal with Indian clothes.
“The pink and the purple is a Pochampalle silk saree. Very soft and east to carry off. Sasha’s pink and white ghagra has Hindi alphabets printed on it.It was made for her by a friend Ritika Kakani who’s lable Rainne is located in Chennai. “
The yellow is a linen saree is probably one of the most comfortable sarees I own. The blouse is a printed lined as well.The matching yellow outfit for Sasha was a gift from a Rainne. The match was a total coincidence.
The Red saree is an Ikat Cotton saree. I paired it with a kalamkari blouse. Sasha’s red salwar is a cotton with thread embroidery and hand dyed dupatta.
My beige and teal salwar suit is Benaras. Sasha’s blue shibori was hand dyed and made by Rainne. Our pink and blue cotton salwars are both vegetable dye fabrics.
When I asked Jay on Sasha’s love for Indian clothes , here is what Jay had to say ” Sasha likes all of her Indian clothes. I have not heard her complain about any so far. She has a big smile after wearing them. As far as styling for Sasha I try to keep it simple. I try to make sure she has fun wearing them. If I know she is going to be running around a lot then I will have her wear a salwar instead of a ghagra. She is 6 years old and her number one priority is playing :) I keep the accessorizing simple too. She loves jhumkis but only sometimes. I don’t force anything on her as I want her to enjoy the process. “
Jay and Sasha it was lovely to have you both as part of this blog. You are happy charming duo and I hope you always stay like this in years to come . Mother daughter relationship is very special and I wish you both a very Happy Valentine’s Day . I look forward to the day when  Sasha will send me  her graduation pictures in a beautiful Banarasi or a Kanjivaram :)


  1. Hi Ila,
    I stumbled upon your blog and IG feed when I first read your feature on Soumeiran (totally adore her work). I think your blog is amazing and love the variety of the posts and particularly the categories you have.
    Now coming to this post, it was so wonderful to read about this gorgeous mother-daughter duo, totally love her sense of style and her jewellery-my, oh my!
    I completely loved the idea of the background track playing while I read the post…please keep up your amazing work, your blog is a treat to the senses…you have a fan here and regular reader!

    • Ila Reply

      Hi Subhadra , I am so glad you like the blog and the new music in the background idea ! I hope this blog will continue to enchant your senses in the years to come. If you yourself would like to contribute in any way do drop me a note and I would love to connect .
      Happiness and Love always ,

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