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Nivedita’s design sensibilities are charming and mimimalistic. This decor has traditional Indian elements yet quite contemporary. I am going to hand it over to her to talk about her inspiration, but first her choice of music to be played with this post  here :)

I am based in London. My husband and I moved here 2 years back and are loving the city!



My love for aesthetics is largely inherited. My parents’ appreciation for the arts and heritage has strongly rubbed onto me. I love design in every form. Growing up largely in South India, the South Indian art forms are very close to my heart – be it the Chettinad woodworks, the Tanjore paintings, the Mysore paintings, the Chola style bronze sculptures, the Athangudi tiles …the list just goes on and on.



My husband and I enjoy travel. We have collected quite a few pieces of art and design along the way, over the years. We have moved many homes across multiple countries and cultures, and I have thoroughly enjoyed setting up every one of them.



Minimalism has always fascinated me and my styling, more often than not, tends to be quite minimalist. I enjoy the play of natural light in a room through the day. I try to incorporate this dynamism in the interior design of the room.



For those of us who travel much and gather so many memories along the way, home décor is both an opportunity and a challenge of sorts. Something I have learnt over the years is to be cautious not to clutter exquisite pieces of art. Each piece needs its space to shine. I pick the piece that I want displayed and try to style in a manner that highlights its details. While doing so, everything else in that space acts as canvas. This would mean that not all collections will find a place all the time. Don’t bother, shelf it for now, and believe me, one day it’d find a place that is meant to be its!
Packing and moving is always a challenge. My husband and I spend enormous time and effort to ensure things are not damaged in transit. So far, we have been lucky! …but, I must confess, till everything arrives home safe and sound, my heart is in my mouth!
Nivedita , here is wishing you many more lovely travels and homes . May all your travels enrich your decor as ,uch as it enriches your mind and heart.
For more pictures of Nivedita’s  beautiful house , follow here on Instagram here.

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