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Hemal loves warm colors and interesting play of textures which comes out beautifully in her house.  She also does not like her house to be “picture perfect” ( but when you see the pictures you will realise how picture perfect it is !).

“For me, the lived in feel is very important to be at ease.I’m always partial to handmade stuff! Textiles, woodwork, pottery, all kinds of handmade things find lots of love in our home.” Hence a perfect house for Peacocks in the Rain’s “Walk into my wardrobe “feature.

Over to Hemal to help us sneek into her beautiful home.



We are originally from New Delhi and have been living the expat life in beautiful Nairobi for about 3 years now. I’m an architect by training and have worked in the field of art and culture. My husband takes keen interest in photography and our home is always filled by the constant chatter of our 2 young boys aged 12 and 8.



Our home is our sanctuary. It is an amalgamation of our travels and collected memories. As a family we like to travel a lot, I always tend to pick up something for my home from the places we visit . When I display these knick knacks around the house along with thoughtful gifts from friends and family, I’m reminded every day of the happy times that we shared and the memories we made.


I’m a maximalist at heart and my husband is not, so we take extra care to balance stuff around the house and attain peace!! I would describe my décor style as Global eclectic with a bit of vintage. Indian, African and Oriental décor elements play a major role in our home!


A dash of green and fresh flowers around the house bring in everyday freshness and add cheer to the humdrum of our daily lives. Kenya is such a tropical paradise, there is abundance of roses and tropical flowers to choose from.


My style is influenced by my mother and my aunt. My mother liked to collect brass antiques and make beautiful embroidery, she would display the brass around the house and all the tablecloths and cushions would have her embroidery on them.


My aunt is an artist and our home used to be a gallery of her paintings of varied subjects from Umar Khayyam to batiks to Mythology.


My grandfather was an avid gardener and our garden had blooms of some kind around the year.  memories of my childhood home had a big impression on my décor style. I think that’s the reason why I tend to take inspiration from vintage décor. I’m intrigued by art and cultures of people around the world, bright colors and foliage of the tropics also never cease to amaze me.


My favorite place in the house:  This would definitely be my balcony, it overlooks a cute little house and lush green foliage around it. Beautiful sunbirds, crows, ibis and sparrows love to hang around the trees. Bright bougainvillea make our morning cups of tea cheerful and we wait for the jacaranda tree to bloom every year!

Hemal thank you for giving us a virtual tour of your beautiful home . Its been a wonderful eye feast :)

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