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Tanvi is an architect and a fellow blogger based in Texas  with a unique sense of style and loves experimenting with her Indian outfits . From pairing bold silver neck pieces with crop tops to letting a simple ‘Bindi’ adding oomph to a simple look there is a lot to get inspired from the pictures that follow.

Over to you Tanvi.


Two years ago, I started a new journey of my life when I moved to Texas. Coming from a very ingrained culture from India, it was an unusual yet a lovely experience. Though my heart has always been in India, I have always tried to encourage myself in blending my cultural integrity acquired from my family and traditions to the modern beliefs of present life, where I stand today.

I always try to integrate the traditional ideologies of Indian culture with western influences. Part of it is my love for wearing Indo-western apparels and pairing them with traditional jewelry or accessories. One of the biggest obsessions I have is my love for “Bindi”.
I love the amalgamation of pieces from my wardrobe that I own from different parts of the world.  To me its not only a style statement but a deep love for my culture and the innumerable things that it offers , i wouldn’t want to compromise that to any other western influenced entity.
I immediately fell in love with this skirt for its quirky print and “Gota patti”.


My life experiences and lessons have always pushed me to be a different person from the crowd, so here I am, young, enthusiastic and creative Architect, personal stylist (the one who is comfortable in her own skin), photographer having a tremendous passion for documenting the world around me through a visual diary of every day style and creative endeavors amalgamated with cultural authenticity and everyday thoughts about the life I live.
I get inspired by traveling to new places, meeting new people and sharing a part of my life with them. Colors, textures, patterns, doodles and graphics inspire the artist in me tremendously.
I believe in self-expressive clothing, For me  clothing should not be tight and the fabrics used must allow your skin to “breathe”. Your clothes should be molded to your lifestyle, not vice versa. I love traditional prints and clothes and the authenticity of it. Pairing them with tees, crop tops and dresses are so much fun.
One of the things I am crazy about is silver/ tribal jewelry, I love big chunky statement pieces and i have been collecting them for a while. A well chosen statement piece can never make your outfit boring.

I feel its extremely important to spend few moments of your precious time and explore the unique & fabulous person you are and dare to wear something that expresses this individuality of yours. By expressing i mean your tastes, interests, inspirations and aspirations.

The first look is black on black with some fun accessories. I paired the loose fitted shirt with a long black dress and boots with some pop of colors through traditional Pom Pom earrings. The earrings add a quirkiness to the black outfit and I truly love them. These earrings are handmade using traditional pom pom beads and like my style they go well with indo-western fusion.



This look includes traditional cotton wrap-on skirt with thread and mirror work paired with a crop top, boots again and tribal jewelry to add some fun. What made this look interesting was the authentic Indian prints paired together in a new trendy way.


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