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Veena mother of a toddler is  Masters in Computer Technology worked as a Telecom engineer before plunging into the world of Interior Design.  “My love for decor and passion towards contemporary traditional art convinced me to end my 8 year old career in telecom.” she says

Over to Veena as she welcomes us to her beautiful home.

Though my interests have been high on traditional heritage designs and related art, I realized that the best results would be an outcome of mixing modern design by giving it a traditional touch and that is what I have tried to capture within my space.



Many of my clients need the same. They want a space which gives them a luxurious yet humble homely feeling.

 I love travelling, and during my travel, I make it a point to be a keen observer. If you have an open mind and willingness to learn through observations, places like hotel (both modern and heritage) teaches you quite a bit and can be a crash course in itself ;).



I am in possession of some unique artefacts that I keep adding to my collection whenever I travel. I love painting and wooden sculptures and have a collection of Madhubani, Mural and Jaipur paintings. Tanjavur painting is the next in my wish list :).


Veena’s designs tips for design enthusiasts
1. Have a clear idea on what you need  in a given space (it could be worthwhile to have a rough sketch of your end product)
2. Stick to what makes you happy.
3. Plan your budget well so that you can clearly focus on what to spend money on (only buy things that you absolutely need)
4. Cleanliness is a key factor. No matter how you design your space, the basis of giving a luxurious look to your space depends on how cleanly you maintain it. I know this is one of the most difficult tasks specially when you have little ones in house. Small storage spaces could help manage toys, books etc.
Veena , thanks for sharing the vignettes of your beautiful home. Wishing you many years of success on your creative and design journey.



  1. Thank you for the feature and the kind words! All forums are very interesting.

  2. Dear Veena

    You are blessed with amazing taste, talent n passion in your chosen line of profession.

    The images you have posted speak volumes about your objectives n goals.

    Best Wishes n may you succeed in all your future endeavours.

    God Bless !!!

  3. Divya Haridas Reply

    Really beautiful decor!!! I have always been a lover of ethnic interiors and decors. I like the fact that you made your space filled with traditional pieces but with a touch of minimalism which highlights the beauty in each of its components. “Awesome” is what I would call your home. :)

  4. Santosh Singh Reply

    Amazing perspective by the author in walking in the shoes of an ardent interior designer, Veena Murali. I have been witness to her innate ability to conceptualize and create magic with space and artefacts.

  5. Really great Interior designing especially the heritage style. You have a great talent and hope one day I can lend some tips :-)

  6. Very beautiful mix of tradition and contemporary. The tips are also very helpful for people who want to do up their house.Thanks.

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