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Meet Neha settled in Melbourne Australia – ZbH loves her sense of style and sense of colours.

Neha says she likes to categorise her style as decorating with memories.


Over to Neha with her home decor tips :


” I like my home to reflect who I am, what my journey has been, what I have loved. I have filled it up with objects that hold a special meaning to me to create a space that has a part of my soul. One of my main reasons for doing that was to make our heritage and background a part of our everyday life, so that my daughter gets to share it and experience it too. ”


“And I love colours and plants, so my home is full of them. And I love patterns upon patterns upon patterns. So my house is full of rugs and art and textiles and cushions. All of it may be a bit too much for some, but Its just how I like it.”


“My favourite things in the house are the handmade dhurries from my daughter’s great great grandmother, the artwork from my mother and all my plants. My favourite place would be our living room which is where most of our days are spent and its full of natural light, colourful rugs, cushions, plants and just feels like home.”


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