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Justina Blakenley in her book  The New Bohemians describes a “Folksy Bohemian” as – When a home is so full of arts and crafts that it blurs the lines between maison and museum , you’ve entered the home of a folksy bohemian . Their homes revolve around family . Heirlooms and keepsakes take center stage. Every piece of art comes with a story of a grandmother or a quirky family trip. Packed with tales of adventure , treasure hunting and hand me downs , the folksy bohemian is a collector , a maker an upcyler and a storyteller.




Meet our folksy Bohemian of the week – the lovely Kapila Bannerjee.  Her home is Bright , vibrant , colorful with life’s nostalgic journey till date. The  interiors is a mixture of ethnic Indian handicraft and contemporary decor.



Kapila loves collecting Metalwork , wood crafts and glassware which have been accumulated from all cities where she has lived till date . Her favourites are Candle stands of all different shapes and sizes.



Kapila says ” The decor is a reflection of my own self by way of having bright colors , green floral presence and accommodating all small & big artifacts . Even the furnishings will harmonized with the artifacts and efforts have been made in creating a seamless extension. I love fresh plants and flowers all around. I have also tried to carry reminiscence of key decor items from each city where I have lived since my marriage so that the decor also has a reflection of my journey in life till date.  My interest of self-indulging in my own paintings have led to walls of living and family room having some of my creations.  Having also being influenced by Rajasthani home decor , I have also captured some of it in my own house. You shall also find glimpses of African decor as well in the house which is a nostalgic remembrance during our stay at Kenya for few years.”


Kapila’s favorite Day bed in the family room overlooking balcony


I love Home décor , painting , full time rearing of my daughters , and finally to be a hopeful small time home décor entrepreneur in times ahead.



Nairobi has been the best city which I have experienced till now . It’s the weather and scenic city landscape which I personally term as “God’s Own Creation”



Kapila’s design tip – Ornamenting your  house with green plants and fresh flowers will just  liven  up  final touch to the house . Use different shapes and size of pots according to space you have . The large leafy palm  in empty corner or  small ferns and succulents like Jade on the coffee table or even bedrooms are easy to maintain in  all weathers . Plants like money plants (Pothos ) can be put anywhere all it needs is water and beautiful bottle to it . We must also try using fresh flowers like bright bunch of Bougainvillea  which  does the magic , or marigolds in platter  to add colour .


For more decor inspiration follow Kapila on her Instagram page  here. We love her Ganesh Chaturthi festive decor .



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