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So this post will begin with a genuine sorry .   I did not intend to make it such a long wait for everyone who participated in the Tokree giveaway. Well lets just say i got a bit lazy :( and I was enjoying the wonderful weather . Its been raining the past entire week and its made the last of Spring so lovely !

So before I update on what else has been going on … The winners are Ravita and Subhadra. Ladies , please email me your shipping your address and I will mail you the lovely pouches as soon as I have the details.

In other news I am in Delhi this week for work and also meet some wonderful people who are interested in collaborating for the blog. So I am super excited . And then later this month we head to Andretta – it is an artists colony in Himachal Pradesh !! Its popular for Andretta pottery and Norah Richards’ centre for Arts. Read more about Andretta here. And  follow me on Instagram for live updates on my journey to Andretta and the second in the series of Peacocks in the Rain Travels.

This is my first post with no pictures ! But I will not leave you without some good music I have been hooked to lately. Here is to my two favorite actors. Love this song….




  1. Himachal has always intrigued me; been wanting to visit for so long. In the meanwhile will eagerly wait for the travel posts particularly about the handicrafts :-)
    Yippieee I won!!!!!!

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