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Takshni means the chisel in Sanskrit,  a tool for carving out tangible manifestations of creativity. It belongs to the realm of human expression where the hands of the creator work in sync with his imagination and inspiration transcending the usual and the mundane.

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Richa Uppal , founder and creative head, alumnus of University of the Arts London and NIFT says Takshni is a revelation. It is in her heart a love story – of a long and sometimes difficult courtship, and a passion that verges on obsession: that of a designer for an altogether another area of design. That love was for sculptures which first captivated her  during one of her projects at fashion college and years later capsized her after writing few papers on sustainability & inclusive growth through crafts during her Masters, and augmented her  desire.



Richa had studied about visual arts but technical know-how specific to sculptures had always eluded her. Seeking full immersion, she decided to jump into it, for ‘a trial by fire, a sort of baptism’ into a whole new world.


“I needed a different medium, a medium that was a place of reflection in addition to provocative exploration of belonging and reinvention.”



“For ten years, I studied fashion design and worked as designer which was exciting but not very gratifying. If you study design and work that way, you won’t be disappointed. Your work will support you but to come out of your comfort zone and to do something completely different was a call I always wanted to take.”



And thus started her journey; to absorb about sculptures from different states of India and to learn the craft, She took long train and bus journeys in red corridor of India to meet the indigenous artists residing in the rural areas. It started from Madhya Pradesh, trailed to Chhattisgarh, to Andhra Pradesh, to Telangana, to Orissa and ended at West Bengal.



” I explored every craft and met many artisans on my way, to know them and their craft was all together a different experience which can’t be explained in words by me. From sleeping on platforms to small lodges I have done it all. Standing on the highway at night with sky full of stars in the Naxal affected area all alone was scary but was a different experience altogether which I am sure I can never fail to recall. ”

Richa’s inspiration to start a handmade brand was the fact that she wanted to see an Indian brand on a global platform  , to reach out to every country on this planet.

Takshni is celebrated for its ‘contemporary masterpieces with its roots in ancient India’ that blur the lines between design, craft, art and science. They experiment, innovate and enhance the creative aspect through use of technology and applied science. They have made kinetic sculptures in brass which not only has an aesthetic appeal but has movement in it which adds to the sculpture. So their USP is to give you that little extra than you can imagine using applied science with creativity. Customization and bespoke design is a cornerstone of Takshni’s work.



Takshni  draws inspiration from India’s culture, creed, surroundings, abstract forms, tradition. They fuse contemporary with a slight flavor of India in every artifact they create. Minimalism is the key unless required otherwise by a client.

Takshni has a 4000 sq.ft. foundry as a design and sampling unit in Gurgaon. The unit has CAD department, sales, R&D, IT, finishing and packaging. As a creative head Richa designs the products.



Takshni has another range of products under the name of Smara which is exclusively for gifting purpose. It has 3 categories: spiritual compliments, desktop accents and dining accessories. This range will be available at the studio for ordering and are also available online for bulk ordering and retail at specialized stores.

Takshni recently opened a small studio at Club Drive Road, Ghitorni, New Delhi in February 2018 to showcase their products. They also assist clients in planning their space in terms of artefacts. They also  plan to work on franchisee mode wherein we would like companies or individuals to start similar studios in their cities.


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