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This is my third favorite Angadi cotton sari – which we are going to again style in three different ways.

It is a beautiful saffron Cotton Phulia saree. Until a few years ago the Phulia cluster was known for its cotton saris and exclusive handwoven scarves that were exported worldwide. In recent years the cluster underwent a revolutionary change that has resulted in an entirely new genre of saris.

Given today is Ganesh Chaturthi , I wanted the first look to be about wearing this sari to the temple.


Day at the temple

1. Wear it with a matching cape
2. Mirrored sunshades to avoid the glaring  September sun.
3. Gold Brogues which look as stylish lying outside the temple doors as you would look wearing them
4. Golden hathphool looks extremely elegant while you fold your hands in prayer.

Movie date night

1. Crop top with orange stripes
2. Bold waterfall necklace
3. Nude heels  totally worth the oomph factor specially when you just have to sit and watch movie. We recommend any post date long walks in these heels on for the brave hearted :)

Spa Day

1. Short denim jacket – love how the denim blue will make the orange in the sari pops out.
2. Platform heel shoes – stylish yet comfortable.
3. Suspenders – yes yes yes !! Move on belts we are talking suspenderssssssssssss here.
4. And carry your favorite fashion magazine or a book to enjoy the long massage sessions.
5. Eyeglasses, please don’t wear contact lenses specially when all the gels and creams can seep into the eyes and hurt terribly.
Spa Day
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