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Mayabazaar was born out of love for Indian crafts , jewellery and a strong determination to support the rural artisans and migrant workers in Mumbai. They have come a long way in the world of handcrafted jewellery and accessories and have created a fan following including myself which swears by their unique designs.  . Rosalind – brand’s founder has extensively worked  with artisans who had given up their tradition of charakkam or handknotting and moved to Mumbai as migrant labourers.

Maya – the couture and Mayabazaar – the prêt lines have easily carved a niche with the revival of dying craft forms



Mayabazaar works with the migrant workers in Mumbai helping them revive their traditional craft and re-hone their skills in handknotting .




“We also sensitize and educate buyers and consumers to the irregularities of the handicraft industry and to celebrate imperfections. At Mayabazaar we encourage employment of women and provide support in health, education, savings, family planning and relationship counselling to our craftspeople.” says Rosalind . She has also been passionately advocating craft-for-profit since its known to lose its sheen when made charitable.



“Mayabazaar strongly supports fair trade and sustainable fashion. Our products have negligible carbon footprint, use of natural, nontoxic, renewable materials and processes” The jewellery includes painstakingly handcrafted necklaces and bracelets in semi-precious stones, metals, vegetable dyed silk, cotton and wool.



Both the Indian literature and mythology as well as western philosophy celebrate the sacred feminine and this time Maya Jewellery unveils it in a creative and unique form in their latest jewellery fall/winter collection 2016. The collection was launched in Paris this August .

“Her gushing birth waters filled rivers and seas,

And flooded the land, giving rise to the trees.

From each precious drop new grass and leaves grew,

And lush verdant plants made all the Earth new.

Her waters were flowing. New green was growing” Mother’s Song


Lines from this collection are bold, speak of feminity and courage. Colors and silhouettes are not fancy but bold.“You don’t have to be a Diva to wear this jewellery. It is also for the girl next door – who loves relaxed yet stylish silhouettes.”

The collection is an attempt to balance and showcase a lot of writing about sacred feminine. Rosalind also wanted to understand the intrinsic imbalance in society where a woman is considered as a subordinate to masculine.

“Out of the darkness, the chaos of time,

The whirlwind gave birth to the Mother sublime

She woke to Herself knowing life had great worth,

The dark empty void grieved the Great Mother Earth.”

img_4652-compressor“Every woman is a sacred feminine – when you are both a conqueror and a nurturer. I am a daughter, mother, wife – I am a sacred feminine. The woman on the street is a sacred feminine and so is a girl next door.” – Rosalind


The collection is also inspired by Mother’s Song and Dev Dutt Patnayak’s series on Durga Pooja which shows how she is fierce and yet so intense . Rosalind says that for the longest she wanted to express sacred feminine to other sacred feminine.



“Each child was different, some were large and some small,

Some could walk and some fly, some could swim and some crawl.

But each form was perfect, each spirit complete,

Each one was a model whose shape could repeat.

The Mother was willing. The green earth was filling.

All the birds and the fish and the animals born,

Would not leave the Mother, this time, to mourn.

Each kind would live near the place of its birth”


‘In many versions, it is shown that Subhadra was herself an incarnation of Goddess Durga, who took birth in the form of Lord Vishnu’s Yogmaya from Krishna’s foster parents, Nanda Baba and Yashoda. Vasudeva went to Gokula and exchanged the children giving Krishna to Nanda and bringing his daughter to Mathura. When Kansa came to know that Devaki had given birth to her eighth child and it is daughter, he came to kill the girl. He tried to throw the girl on a wall, but suddenly the girl took the form of Goddess Durga and laughed on Kansa saying that your killer has taken birth and will kill you soon. After saying this, she disappears. It is said that Yogmaya (Durga) again took birth as Krishna’s sister Subhadra.’


“One piece which has received most attention is the Banjara piece which has elements from Lambani tribe. When I was doing my Masters, I went to a tribal village called Chhalis Gaon in Maharashtra and that’s when I discovered this beautiful craft. I have been using Lambani elements for a long time. The tribe has is no bleak way of dressing –it is  always always colourful.”



“We want people to use traditional crafts in a contemporary way – wear it with your Gucci suit. Our collections are easy to wear. It should not be out of reach of a common person. That has been the cornerstone of designing. The program should be viable. Buy the piece because it beautiful – and by the way it is handmade” sums up Rosalind and we couldn’t agree more !


You can buy the collection in the upcoming designone Dome @NSCI on 5th and 6th October 2016. They would be available at Booth D-22


The collection is also available online at :

Follow Mayabazaar on Facebook here and Instagram here.

Stores which stock Mayabazaar collections :

Bangalore : Mirador

Chennai – Amethyst Shop and Taj Khazana Chennai

Hyderbad – Anonym

Goa – Taj Khazana Fort Aguada, Taj Khazana Holiday Village and Taj Khazana Exotica

Kolkata – Taj Khazana Kolkata

Mumbai – Melange and Aza Store

New Delhi – Taj Khazana New Delhi


For further queries email them at : [email protected]

Contact : 91.9920181620



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