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I am pretty much speechless , I can’t muster words to introduce the beauty that follows. All I can say is this post is extremely close to my heart because it is a first for Peacocks in the Rain – a very special something from Assam.

First the music . “I love this song because very rarely a song makes you think, and think hard about our life and the decisions we take along the way. ” – Pranami

If you knew that you would die today
If you saw the face of love
Would you change?”


Pariah (/pəˈraɪ.ə/) is the spirit – she who cannot be fixed. She belongs to no one place and time and yet is eternal and worldly. Standing in the fringes of society, borders become permeable, cultures become amorphous and ideologies dissolve. For Pariah, there is no one constant and yet she is singular, immutable and absolute.”


What stands apart about Pariah is the use of revered indigenous silks like the Muga also known as The Golden Silk, the most expensive silk in the world, Eri and  the beautiful Paat, all of these silks typically woven by local Assamese women, along with fabrics from other regions of India. Traditional Assamese motifs are redesigned and reinterpreted using embroidery and weaving techniques from other cultures.




Weaving and sericulture is integral to the culture and economy of Assam – Muga the golden silk and eri , ahimsa silk being regional specialities .


” Romantic, feminine and timeless, I am trying to blend in designs showcasing a seamless blend of my Assamese roots, my Indian heritage and my global sensibility of fabrics and fashion.” says Pranami


Pranami founder of Pariah studied psychology and  then started working with the NHS in the UK and later handled  Public Relations in Corporate Sector  before taking the plunge into designing clothes.



“I have always had a deep love for fashion, but without any formal training it seemed unlikely that I would start designing. It was only after I came back to India from the UK, I felt a strong disparity between mainland India and the North East of India, which was quite perplexing. In a world where information travels around the globe at the speed of light, especially with the advent of social media and easy access to the internet, we are now privy to information and knowledge of so many various cultures around the world at the scroll or click of a button. And yet, I came across so many people, some even from my own social circle, with little or no knowledge, in fact some with absolutely wrong information about my part of the country! I saw this inadequate representation of indigenous traditions as an opportunity in my aspiration to become a designer – to bridge the distance between the North East and the mainland through the medium of my passion : fashion.” –  Pranami




“She was free in her wildness. She was a wanderess, a drop of free water. She belonged to no man and to no city”
― Roman PayneThe Wanderess


“I am a traveller at heart and hence I do end up travelling and exploring a lot. From the obvious touristy places to unexplored, remote cultures, I just pack my bags and wander off. Over the years, and still continuing, with every journey, I always carry back something new, some new motifs, or fabrics or weaves. There is just so much out there to learn about! At the end of the day, people, places, cultures, history and every little detail adds up and spruces up new ideas.” – Pranami


“And to that I add and explore my own Assamese heritage, I design garments using fabrics and motif from Assam, mixing them with textile traditions of other regions, to bring my native culture to the foreground of Indian fashion.”



As Pranami says “Pariah is for every woman out there. She is a celebration of femininity, so I see every woman, every outsider, every free spirit in Pariah. Wearing a PIP is as much as being fashionable as embracing the brand’s philosophy- Wearing the outsider within us for the world to see without any fear or apprehension, being proud of being uniquely ‘you’.”

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