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First the music . Thanks Chaitanya for letting me choose something of my choice. Hope you guys like it.
‘Paaduks’ is derived from the Sanskrit word ‘Paadukas’ which is the name of India’s oldest, most quintessential footwear. ‘Paada’ means foot in Sanskrit and ‘Paaduks’ essentially means footwear.
Jay, Jothsna and Jidnyasa are engineering graduates who set about to do something different. In 2013, Jay and Jothsna came across a news article about an American who used to import tyres from Southeast Asia and make shoes out of them. Inspired by this, they decided to try it out in India.
The team also includes Carol who designs the patterns on the shoes and Nasim who liaises with the cobblers and Chaitanya handles the social media.
There is a traditional colony of cobblers at Thakkar Bappa Colony in Kurla, Mumbai. Jay and Jothsna  went in there and talked to the cobblers. Some were fierce and opposed them but  they managed to convince a few of the cobblers to make shoes for them. That is how Paaduks started.
“Working with the cobblers made us realize the various socio-economic problems that these cobblers are plagued with. They are often exploited by retailers and wholesalers who require them to invest in the production, pay them meager amount for all the hardships, and often delay payments as well. This spirals them into never ending debt cycles. Hence at that stage, we took a conscious decision to address these issues and make it the priority for our venture.

We believe that our cobblers are the backbone of our venture. They deserve to be remunerated for their skills and hard work which makes our products the comfortable stylish footwear they are today. We thus pay our cobblers a fair price for their efforts in an attempt to stabilize their financial condition and reduce exploitation of this specialized profession. More importantly, we pay them on time as well as invest in the production.”

“People really like the shoes we sell at exhibitions and then come to buy them again and again recognizing us by our faces and names. That gives immense satisfaction.Sometimes people click pictures of themselves wearing the shoes and mail them to us just to show their love.”
pic19 summer shoes2
Our footwear are made of natural fabric like cotton and jute, vegan material, and soles made from up-cycled rubber such as discarded tires, used conveyor belts, old rubber mats and so on. Upcycling of discarded rubber to make soles does not involve any chemical processes.


Founders Jay and Jyothsna want to inculcate among people a sense of eco-friendliness and ethics because all the creatures on this planet are interdependent. They advice that new entrepreneurs should do something creative and different and always stay ethical.
Here is wishing you both lots of good luck on your noble venture. Jay,  I couldn’t have made a better discovery this Earth Day.
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