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Label Shikha Malik’s  brand philosophy stands for “Clothing that is wearable yet stylish. “It is  an eclectic brand known for its own unique designs.
Shikha brand’s founder  describes herself as an introvert but where work is concerned, she is an absolute go- getter, ever- ready to try new things and always learning new techniques to create a better brand. Before starting the brand , Shikha worked with some of the most reputed export houses in the country followed by a couple of years of teaching in a fashion design college .
The inspiration to start her brand came at the time when she was working. It was then that she realised it was in her innate nature to explore and create , so to live this goal it was necessary to do something apart from her regular job.
Shikha claims the brand’s USP are it’s prints, clean cuts and painstakingly  hand crafted  designs. Every three months, a new collection is conceived keeping in mind the season and colours and a theme is chosen. Once this is finalised, a dedicated team of skilled dyers, printers, embroiders, masters and tailors work their magic to create the final product.
Shikha  attributes her success to the simplicity of her designs and her loyalty towards her customers. She is working hard to take Studio SM up the ladder of success in the near future. She envisions it to be among the leading Fashion Houses in the country.
Among the many style selections on display, she highly recommends a Shift dress, a great pair of trousers and their current favourite over-lays that are absolute must- haves when shopping with their brand.
Shikha is a fervent admirer of designer Sabyasachi Mukerjee who she believes is terrific at everything he does. She loves his effervescent taste for fashion and how he mixes the old with the new. This she believes is very important in being able to reach out to the current global audience who are always looking for a good mix of the enigmatic old world charm along with the comfort of our modern times. And to be able to do so successfully for so many years, says a lot about the designer and his vision. She hopes to have the same impact in the world of fashion one day.
SM-0111-02She derives her strength from her go- to favourite quote “When the hope breaks, let the patience hold.” Looking back on her journey, Shikha reminisces about the support she got from her team and family which has helped her make many memorable moments with her clients, who love and appreciate her work.
You can pick up the label at their online store here , follow them on Instagram here.

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