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Here is how Archana defines the Aana woman. But before that lets play this beautiful song she requested.


“When I wake up tomorrow I want my mind to be free of all inconsequential thoughts.
I want to go on to live a day where my chipped nail color is not what defines me. I have way too much to touch, feel, see and grasp to be the conventional pretty girl.  I’m beautiful in my originality… I’m identifiable!

There’s so much beauty around and I have such little time to reflect it all.. I’ll start with one at a time. I’ll be glad to know and choose where my clothes come from. I’ll be glad if I make a difference, I’ll be glad if my attire complements me, becomes me and not vice-versa.

I’ll carry around the bag I’m loving these days.. It might not be trendy but it has been woven to perfection with a priceless story – that of a woman who educates her children with the earnest earnings. It has enough space to carry around my experiences which are way too many by the end of each day.

When I wake up tomorrow I’ll be aware of every little detail.”

Archana founder of Aana is a writer and a lover of kathak by passion and a designer by training. A graduate from NIFT Gandhinagar.  She is currently a co-founder, head of Design & Creative Content for Style Stomp. It’s a start-up with online specific fashion brands where she designs clothing and accessories and manages visual and textual content for these brands.




Style Inspiration

Ritika Mittal, of ‘Mora’ is my style inspiration. I love her work and her work style. She travels and brings out the best of the country forth into some splendid weaves. I aim to live like her one day when I make enough commercial sense for myself. I do not have a design inspiration. I do not follow any trends forecasts in fashion. I go more with the gut. If at all, I feel the traditional clothing of India itself is a Paragon for inspiration



Personal style statement

I am mostly dressed in kurtas and churidaars separates with lots of silver jewelry and kajal. Often you would also spot me in dhakai cotton sarees. I wear mojris or kolahpuris or punjabi juttis for footwear.

Favorite form of Indian crafts

Kutchi embroideries  – There is so much character, so many untold stories in it. Hands of beautiful women have have toiled for years in bringing out some of the most intricate pieces that I saw in the Calico Museum of Ahmedabad. A few words that sum Gujarat up:

Gharchola with ‘bar bagh’ and panetar with ‘baavan bagh’
Mirror Work and Backless Cholis, the ‘Tattoos and the Silver
The ‘Raas’ and the ‘bhavai’…. Shrikhand and Aamras
The Chaniya and The Kedia….The Baoli and the Vav

Hand Block Printed technique of Rajasthan – The colors, the motifs, the blending boundaries, the way they add to the weight of a 60s cambric are all lovely. Again a few words to sum it up.

vivid poetry within
blank slate without
bit after bit
block after block
none better none worse
all alike
colour after colour
the picture comes alive





Five Indian garment and accessory must haves in every woman’s wardrobe.

  • A silver choker
  • An angrakha anarkali
  • A kota leheriya multicolored dupatta that can go with every-thing
  • A cotton maxi length length with a lot of flare.
  • A white chikankari kurta





Any memorable moment during the Aana journey , something that happened with a customer , during travels ?

My teacher who I’m learning Kathak from wears a lot of our products and I truly think that’s one of the best achievements of the brand.



Aana plans to go international soon. There will be more categories in the brand like home and serve wear etc.They are also planning to start selling in offline channels soon . At the moment Aana retails only  through online channels. They will be presenting their collection in the upcoming ‘Nature Bazaar of Dastkaar’ in their Summer Weaves event from 14th to 24th April 2016 . Check out Indian Aana’s website at and Facebook page here.



Dear Archana , here is wishing that all your wishes come true – may you travel to each nook and corner of the country , invite me for a meal at your  café :) and write your memoirs in as beautifully as the clothes you make.

Image Credits : Pictures are shared by Indian Aana and some were shot by Peacocks in the Rain using the products Aana shared with us.

Jewellery  used in PITR pictures: Soumeiran, Mrinmayee and Jaypore





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