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 Nandita has donned many hats –  studied and interned at JNU, NIFT, FIT, Festival of India in Russia, Willi Wear – Willi Smith in New York, Sandy Starkman. She has designed clothes under her own label. Also edited – ‘The Yamuna gently weeps’ by Ruzbeh Barucha and created the first public art project Artiger !

These days , Nandita plays the role of Founder Member and Mentor  at Youthreach –, consultant – Indira Gandhi Memorial Trust AND as the chief designer , curator , founder of  RAIN India .


Ladies and gentlemen sit back relax and feast your eyes on some  beautiful stoles with Rumi’s timeless poetry, chikankari emroidered trays from UP , Raku Pottery, Paintings from Ranthambore and much more ….


“RAIN is an acronym for Riyan, Aviva, Imran and Nandita – yes you guessed it my kids and hubby!” Says Nandita


“I was meeting interesting craftspeople from around India and the world and buying gorgeous products from them..a friend of mine said – we’d all love to have these products, why don’t you start a portal? So with that thought, RAIN Design was conceived “



Nandita says their handmade, hand crafted products are sourced, manufactured and designed from all over the world. “With a slant towards NGO’s, Not for profits and handicrafts people, we strive to bring the best of what we would like for ourselves and our homes, for you. The USP of RAIN Design is that we don’t merely trade – we source, we source and add and we completely design. In a nutshell, what you see on our portal, is limited edition, carefully curated, nicely priced with a strong design and indigenous element running through.”



(“Having travelled over the years to Amethi, I am delighted to work with the women of Jais village who do exquisite chikankari embroidery. We use their embroidery on trays thereby converting an old traditional handicraft to be used on a contemporary product”)


“I  see, I meet and something develops ! We work in different ways – sourcing, sourcing plus designing and completely designing. I’m always on the look out for any products or people that I can work with in any of these 3 ways.”


Its always about the discovering ! Like when you open a door, not sure what you will discover inside. I love crafts, I love interacting with the people who make these crafts. The simplicity, the wisdom and the peace that I always see while interacting with crafts persons from across the world. In a way, they seem untouched by modern day and modern life compulsions.”


“The Ranthambore collection is a story in itself. I was working on the ARTIGER project and we needed help with the Tiger Sculpture. Some artists from Ranthambore came and helped us and after the project was over we decided to work together. These artists live around the Reserve and are collectively called The Ranthambore School of Art. Their stunning paintings – oils on canvas and watercolours on silk are so fine, so commanding that they are often mistaken for photographs!”

ranthambore1 ranthambore2

“In India my favorite places  are Ranthambore and Kashmir and I am, blessed that I have been able to work with artists from both these areas. Abroad it has to be South Africa! That country keeps calling me back, again and again ! The visits started as holidays and developed into beautiful collections for RAIN”

(Wraps, Kaftans and Saris – original prints on the finest silk fabrics by Designosis who are know for their beautiful typography. The Kabir collection of Wraps and Saris inspired by Kabir’s poems translated by Arvind Krishna Mehrotra and The Rajasthan collection of Wraps and Kaftans inspired by motifs fom the forts and palaces of Rajasthan)





(“Our Rumi stoles are in the softest finest silk – wrap yourself in his beautiful words and feel the tranquility he experienced”)

BeFunky Collage2


 Nandita has very special memories of the time when she  was invited by the Government of South Africa to attend the Decorex show in Johannasburg. It was her first visit to an International Fair that had a separate Handmade section. She also met people from ministry of trade. What was interesting that instead of these crafts being given a separate ministry, they were part of the trade ministry – much emphasis is given to handmade products and she wishes the Government in India  gave a similar emphasis.


In coming weeks Nandita wants to focus more on Indian handicrafts . To buy  Rain Design’s beautiful products see their website here , follow them on Facebook here and Instagram here.

We leave you with this beautiful quote by Baatein specially penned down for Rain Design and we couldn’t have summed it up any better.

I am a gypsy at heart
I don’t belong within borders, my heart has travelled paths unknown
I have inked my diary with memories and treasures
And now leave a piece of me, wherever I go
I pick up trinkets and the whispers,
the scent of the rain on local soils
I am a nomad and a gypsy at heart



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