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Viva La Vida

So what does one do when summer is slipping by… the days of icecreams , summer travels , popsicles , mangoes, watermelons and afternoon siestas will be long gone only to greet us next year again – we get a bit of summer in our little abodes to cherish the beautiful summer murmurs forever.


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Meet IDAM recent winners of Interior Lifestyle Awards.IDAM is a sanskrit word that means in-the-moment.

BeFunky Collage

IDAM was born out of numerous car ride discussions to and from college between a duo of dreamers, Nayanika & Gazal. In the past few months, it has evolved from an idea to a full fledged print and surface design studio that translates its in-the-present aesthetics onto contemporary home and lifestyle products. Hailing from different design backgrounds, both Nayanika and Gazal contributed their Textile and Graphic Design expertise and artistry to the products in IDAM.


Nayanika worked with an established Home Decor brand, NUR as a designer for more than 2 years before IDAM. Gazal, on the other hand started her career at Zomato and after a year, started a venture, STUDIO WOOD with 3 others. A year of working as a communication designer at Studio Wood, she got together with Nayanika and they finally gave their conception a life!


“We love how IDAM  integrates the contemporary and the traditional together through organic and handcrafted techniques. A lot of the designs are hand illustrated and designed. “We design keeping in mind what’s in trend and what influences us at that point of time, hence, we offer the people what they would need and love in that moment.” say Nayanika and Gazal



“IDAM follows a lot of trends and magazines to understand what’s in vogue. Then, we​ merge our day to day experiences and things and finally​ decide on themes. We build a mood board and colour palette for reference for motifs and textures. We also try on a lot of things for surface techniques, be it pin-tucks or ruffles, etc. We then follow it with a good mix of digital illustrations, hand illustrations and textures to complete the entire set of prints and patterns. It’s when we get the prints back from the printers that we decided on the trims and aesthetics of each cushion case and how it will look best in the entire range. Each product is unique as it has a story behind it. Be it a doodle in a diary or the fallen leaves outside our studio, or folk art that adorns the streets of India, we bring it all in an array of designs. It’s an attempt to give everyone a glimpse into our day-to-day escapades. The designs range from hand-illustrated prints and patterns to florals as well as the hand-crafted tie & dye techniques. We wish to bridge the gap between the modern and traditional using contemporary aesthetics and conventional techniques with the prerequisite of utility.”



#IDAMKNITS is an exploratory initiative towards sustainable design where they use the surplus of unused jersey fabrics and create a collection of home linen.Commonly used for garments, jersey knit fabrics are made from lightweight cotton yarn.


BeFunky Collage

Rediscovering the potential of this soft, cozy and durable fabric, Peacocks in the Rain brings to you IDAM’s new enterprise, IDAMknits in their new collection, SUMMER MURMUR.Summer Murmur is all things bright, fun and quirky! “Our collections have always been inspired from our daily experiences, adventures and surroundings. This time we asked the people to tell us what was their idea of the perfect summer and designed prints and patterns as per their response through social media.​ We got travel and hills as a response from a lot of them and we continued the story of our prints from there on. ​” Gazal and Nayanika

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Gazal and Nayanika recommend the following accessories for a beautiful home :

a) Lots of cushions to add warmth to a home,
b) Add life to the room with real greenery. Real trees also help to naturally improve indoor air quality.
c) Mirrors, be it on the walls or cabinets.
d) Rugs and Dhurries.
e) Paintings and artworks. Even a 5 year olds hand prints count! :)

(A Peacocks in the Rain special ;))


IDAM will soon be expanding their  bed linen as well as table linen range to quilts, dohars, bedspreads​, Tea Cozy sets, rugs, etc. They are also working on launching their  fashion and lifestyle products by the end of the year.


Summing it up :

It has been a backpacker’s journey,
A gypsy with a jar full of pennies.
I have travelled this world and tested the roads,
I have seen the sunrise and sunset with a new hope.
I am young and free spirited, with so much to explore.
The beauty is even when it is over, there will be so much more.
From the history to the new chapters being inked,
From the food and aroma of these alleys;
From the untold stories to those aching doors,
To the words of poets unknown.
This world is a nest for the lost heart,
It reduces reality and fiction into one,
Which stood for science, apart.

Baatein for IDAM

As Gazal and Nayanika said its the journeys they made that they cherish the most. Here is wishing them both many more travels , collections and creating many more beautiful homes.

Buy IDAM from their online store here . Follow them on Facebook here and Instagram here.


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