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First the music . Imagine this playing when you walk into an actual Cult : Curio Store- A journey to India 

Cult:Curio was born out of cultural curiosity, inspired from the vibrant heritage and the meticulous details of culture that is woven into our lifestyle. The brand was born out of the idea of creating souvenirs from the experiences we draw from all around us and the same gets reborn in the our exquisite lifestyle products making them unique.

(from their beutiful ‘chintz’ collection from the sanskrit word chitra for the spotted or bright)



She could decipher the secrets that the summer breeze carried with it
She could translate what the parrots, on a lazy afternoon, connived
She could whisper to the mountains and sing to the sea
She could laugh along when the leaves rustled up a laughing spree
It wasn’t a spell or some magic she harboured
She was a curious child and her cult was the discovered arbour
Baatein for Cult:Curio

Palak the brand’s founder is a textile design graduate. ” I am traveler and my travel documentation transforms into my inspiration. I am constantly moved by the frescoes in the palaces, the forts and the havelis, the kitsch. Every travel leads me to a story, which vents out through the artworks, which are amalgamation of modern colors blended with inspiration from people, places, music, art and architecture. ”


“I wanted to create a unique brand of luxury lifestyle products, which recalled every beautiful thing of our culture, art and architecture that had left deep impression on me. The constant need to express the same in the colour palette, which was more contemporary gave birth to Cult Curio. ”

( notebooks)


( wall art)

mughal wall art


“Conception of Cult:Curio is rooted in our craving to rejuvenate the almost forgotten heritage. In our extensive collection you will find anecdotal legends engraved upon cushions, wall Arts and other articles.Idea is to unravel this immense treasure for the people across the world especially to the mavericks of the new millennia.”





“Our muse could be people, place, music, art or architecture. The creative process begins with a little dive into the history to know the roots, documentation to keep us on track and a few cups of coffee to set our self on the journey with a unique collection. The major aspect that is kept in mind all through our creation is developing artwork, keeping it rationalized with the hottest lifestyle trends, with fresh colors, amalgamating traditional pattern, making a perfect product for modern day luxury homes in any part of the world. ”

pichwai cushion

Our latest range has Indian fables woven in so many forms that will transport you to Mughal era, British Raj and reminiscences of mythological tales.

(laptop sleeves)

laptop sleeves


Our  personal favorites and would love to recommend!

The “Color Splash” wall clocks (which makes time go chic!)

wall clock

The “Nayika” tray (extremely versatile- from being a dining piece to a desk organizer or a jewelry holder)


The “Mughal Mirrari” Cushion which speaks of the grandeur of the Enchanting Mughal era

mughal mirrari


The “Mrig” Notebook with trotting deer, is dipped in elegance!


And from the range of wallpapers, the “Chand Baori” wallpaper inspired from stepwells in Rajasthan could be a quick transformation to your space adding elegance and drama.



“At Cult Curio we dream to replicate our inspiration from all  across the world and reproduce them in luxury lifestyle products, keeping at par with ever changing lifestyle trends. We aim to experience and appreciate more and compliment your living. ”

( Cult : Curio Upholstery )



Palak says -A home is full of stories. The more stories a house withholds in itself, the more comforting it is to hide in with contentment. The contemporary Indian home holds no rule book of do’s and don’ts but is a mere extension of your personality and what moves you. A person could go all colorful with kitschy finds and go vibrant with all things bold or at the same time embrace neutrality with crisp products and subtly stick to the roots. A sheer and swift way of interior decoration is to stick to a color palette, where bolder things like walls and furniture are played safe and then further have all the fun with the accessories and accents!

Vincent van Gogh said that great things are done by a series of small things brought together .  Palak says that at Cult Curio they follow a similar belief, a little step towards where they wish to head. – ” This will land us at our destination some day! All we need to do is head on to the journey and the place would not be far.”

Palak here is wishing you and the team a very successful journey ahead .

Cult : Curio retails through their online store here  and also through major e-commerce channels, souvenir stores with shop in shop model, pop ups and exhibitions.

Follow them on Facebook here and Instagram here

They are currently displaying at Select City Walk Mall in Saket, Delhi until August 14th.




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