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Beauty begins the minute you decide to be yourself. – Coco Chanel
Meet Susan. The COE -Chief of Everything of A Sunny Disposition.  “I started out as an architect. I still enjoy it but  find working, literally with my hands, a totally rewarding experience on its own.
 ( aah we think that smile has enough of Sunny disposition more than a thousand splendid suns) about me
“A Sunny Disposition  is a state of mind  that I am constantly working to achieve. I hope my bags in some way pass that on forward to its intended users. The inspiration to begin the brand was nothing grand- just an utterly bored mind that decided to play around with a flat bolt of fabric and a spool of thread. What resulted (after many tries) was a bag that inspired me to make more. This led to more and soon my entire house was bursting at the seams with bags. At the insistence of a few close friends and relatives, I decided that I needed to unleash them into the world. So began A Sunny Disposition. 6 years later and it’s the best decision I have made.
A patch of sunlight and a hint of the summer breeze
The effervescence of Bougainvillea
The calm of the dawn and the hustle of the dusk
I captured summer in a jar
and spring doesn’t seem now, so far
By Baatein for A Sunny Disposition
“I enjoy the different processes involved in making a bag- from the time the bag design is visualized in my head. I have an almost compulsive desire to draw it out and add it’s measurements( this must be architect in me). Once it’s down on paper, materials are sourced either from my stash or I end up heading to the fabric market of Bangalore, it’s lanes and bi lanes are a treasure trove waiting to be explored. Once fabrics are selected, everything is cut up and put back together to make the prototype. The prototype is then tested out by me for a few months and only then put out to my audiences. When it’s ready to be marketed, I photograph them, and put them out there.”


Every bag  Susan makes has a story behind it. Either the way it was made or the truly wonderful person who bought it. ” But a personal victory for me was  three years ago ,when I had the light bulb moment to make a collection of bags exclusively for Onam(state festival of Kerala, where I am from) The punch line being, that the idea came to me with just 3 weeks to make the line. I was so terrified to try it out, because at that time, it was hardly popular as a festival in Bangalore. Onam is huge in Kerala but not so much in this cosmopolitan city. My online audience was also highly diversified and I was not sure how it would be received  with people from all over the world. But I did it anyway, gave it my all, albeit it was a small line. Got a wonderful photographer to photograph it and spoke of it non stop for so many days leading up to it. So on the day of the online event, I was terrified. But I posted it, and by the end of the day, everything was SOLD OUT. It was a scary and exhilarating time for me.” Says Susan . Watch out for ASD’s Onam 2016 collection on their FB page.
Here is what Susan recommends  as must haves for every woman inspired by even a little bit of India.                          “A sunny Disposition bag of course!!! That’s the FIRST, maybe even second and third .
I am a sucker for Indian Jewellery… I need them all. But a must have is the jhumkis. They have been done to death in the last few years, but a pair of lovely BIG jhumki s are a must in a gals jewelry box. Shoes… Get them all. Or atleast get some kholapuris, jhuttis “
Everything about ASD has grown in an organic manner. Future plans are simple- be able to produce more products so it’s more widely available across multiple retail channels.
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A Sunny Disposition is more than just a happy cheerful name , its a unique brand which makes handcrafted , one of kind  bags where each bag has a story to tell. They are all made one at a time by Susan herself. You have an option to choose the fabric , the color combinations , anything you want . Plus there is a wonderful variety of bags which we haven’t come across before : Diaper Clutches, Medicine pouches ( fondly called as Ouch Pouch), Crayon Kits for your little ones on the go , jewellery rolls , camera straps , gadget sleeves , phone wallets , sling bags and totes in several sizes , shapes and colors .

For their latest catalogues write to Susan at : [email protected]

Order your very own customized handmade bag on Facebook here and Instagram here.


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