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 Nadiya Paar literally translates to ‘leave behind the old and sail forward to the new’. The brand aims in an organic growth by following sustainable processes and also in the development of community through a holistic approach. Founded by Megha Kanera a NIFT alumnus, the brand is driven by passion invoked from the nature, raw materials and textile techniques of the various weaving clusters in India.

Megha is a mother of a eight-year-old boy and expecting second one soon : ). She spends her free time learning and conducting handwork workshops like mandala weaving, doll making and vegetable dyeing.

Megha  cultivated a love of hand-loomed fabrics while pursuing her graduation in Fashion Design from the National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT). With a strong impulse to work in the area of hand weaving she shifted to Mumbai having worked as a space designer for almost twelve years. Her love for travel, all things handmade and sari is the origin of label ‘Nadiya Paar’. ‘ She does not follow fast fashion, trends or forecasts. What drives her are surroundings, natural raw materials, sustainable practices and traditional Indian textile techniques. Her designs are an outcome of personal experiences, an awareness of the connection to others and the environment…the willingness to act responsibly.

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At Nadiya Paar, tradition and innovation go hand in hand. The designs are an inspiration from the magical colors and looms spread across the nation. Incredible India is the backdrop against which Megha creates her pieces of art.

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A ‘Nadiya Paar’ consumer is someone who would like to be aware of the whole process of how that sari came into being. Someone who would reuse the piece of textile in many ways. Someone who is looking for comfort and can understand the need to slow down.

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The inspiration for Nadiya Paar comes from the magical colors & looms of India that weave the yarn into the most stunning palette of designs & hues. Nadiya Paar is an extension of Megha’s childhood impressions as having grown up surrounded by the vibrant colors synonymous with India, it was only natural that she communicates those impressions through the language she knows best :  design!

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Taking inspiration from old techniques and new surroundings, Megha works closely with a wonderful team of artisans across India. ‘Nadiya Paar’ saris are relaxed, have a lived-in feel, imperfect, timeless and artisanal. The brand is all things eco, ethical and green in one unified movement. “We look at sari as an everyday garment. We work with natural raw materials.” says Megha

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” At ‘Nadiya Paar’ tradition and innovation go hand in hand. We are working with weavers in craft clusters such as Bengal, Bhagalpur and Banaras. Linen yarn is a new entrant in India’s hand weaving community. Made from the fibers of flax plant, linen saris are exceptionally cool and naturally soft. These can be worn as effortlessly as day wear or as elegant evening wear. Linen yarn is hard to warp and hence designs are minimal. In it’s simplicity lies its elegance.  The color palette is as diverse as imaginable, ranging from neutrals to bright; much inspired by the Indian traditions.” Says Megha

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The brand has created an extensive color palette using natural dyes and ingredients. Their natural color pallet is unique and bright unlike whats available in the market currently. They make cocktails of colors by mixing colors like turmeric with madder to get bright pink.. so on and so forth.


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We love Nadiya Paar’s natural color pallet, minimal approach to the design, simplicity and quality .

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Megha wants to stay  true to her intentions… which is to promote handloom, slow and sustainable fashion and provide quality products to their customers. And… as Dory says… keep on swimming.

The label is growing organically & with each passing day, they reach more & more patrons & appreciators of sustainable fashion.Megha plans to travel more  and meet more weaving communities. Apart from reviving the craft & designs, their goal is to generate continuous employment for people who are associated with them so that the revival is sustained.

” We try to bring consciousness in our decisions. Our tags are made out of seed paper. Once a customer buys the product and have no use for the tag, they can sow it in the soil and grow a plant.  We are a very young label and hope to come up with more such ideas that help the cause of the environment & communities.”

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We recommend that you pick up any of Nadiya Paar’s six shades they  have developed in pure linen ganga jamuna saris.

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They will also be participating in Vintage Garden – Mumbai on 16th and 17th December.


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