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“There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.”

Here is Benaazir’s choice of music and one  my personal favorites

Benaazir graduated in Computer Science and has a Masters in business administration. After spending seemingly, a lifetime in corporate jobs,  took a sabbatical for 2 years to travel and perhaps spend some time studying jewelry making & witnessing master craftsmen in action.

Benaazir Mukherjee

” I, eventually, never returned to my job and started the label Benaazir in 2010. I design furniture and re-purpose old pieces.  I also spend a lot of time on trying to learn things that have particularly no use. I love puzzles and games. I binge watch TV shows, eat plenty, travel and lift weights.”

Benaazir says crafts inspired her. Crafts have always been an integral part of her life. As a young girl, her grandmother taught her weaving. She created trinkets and jewelry out of natural fibre, wool and stones. If she wasn’t making jewelry, she would have been something else in the crafts sector


Benaazir says their take  on the traditional meenakari has been a labor of love. Traditionally done in Rajasthan by very skilled artisans, it was tough to introduce new designs. They experimented with this technique with their craftsmen for several months and finally cracked the code. They now make meenakari jewelry from their  workshop in Bangalore. “We made many mistakes along the way and each of them taught us something invaluable.”

Her beautiful Bengaluru store



For your Diwali party , here are the top 5  recommendation from Benaazir

The dome ring


Fretwork Balis


Crescent pendant


 all the geometric earrings

Benaazir celebrates simplicity in design. This seemingly easy but intrinsically tricky aspect is what sets them apart. Hence these geometric earrings our favorites.


Image 3

BaDastoor Silver Charaag earrings.


When we asked her about the creative process involved behind the designs – here is what she had to say “The starting point can be different for each collection. Sometimes, I am just intrigued by a craft skill that need a different narrative, sometimes, it’s the uniqueness of materials that catches my imagination, sometimes, it is an inspiration I draw from a completely diverse field. Once we zero in on the theme, I sketch a number of designs that fit into that story. Our craftsmen then create prototypes. We focus a lot on the functionality of the design. We may go through several iterations before a design is finalized. Our craftsmen too come up with some interesting perspectives about the design which we most likely incorporate.”



In near future Benaazir wants to focus  time learning more techniques and bringing them into the forefront.

Buy your Benaazir jewlery  at :

Shilpi and Chamiers in Chennai

House of Taamara in Bengaluru.

Her jewellery is listed online on Jaypore, VelvetCase, Shopnimai, Ethnic Collage, and STYFI, apart from

her website here

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