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Vishakha Shah is the founder of IRA, a brand rooted in everything Indian and yet very modern in it’s appeal. Vishakha graduated from Surat University, where she also did a Diploma course in Designing. Having taught art and craft as an art teacher, she enjoyed doodling and fondly recalls that it was one of her favourite hobbies.

The inspiration to start IRA came when she went on an educational tour to Kutch where she learned about handlooms and hand woven fabrics. Vishakha loves everything about India and wanted to represent this in her creations. She loves the vibrancy and uniqueness of the Indian culture and wants to showcase how she imagines India in her own unique way to the world.
She beams with joy when asked to suggest some must have designs from her line. According to her the handwoven human motifs add a festive look and signifies effortless fashion, the off- white cotton dress with hand- embroidery is among the most loved by clients, then there is the red asymmetric jacket which is casual yet ethnic, a grey tunic which is highly recommended for the summer and the very comfortable pre- draped saree which takes care of all your saree draping voes. And for children there is a special collection which is also made in cotton, hand- woven fabric and is especially hand- painted.


Her personal favourite designers are Ka sha Khan for her bold, bright and unique designs;
Chola the label for bringing art in fashion to the common man and The pot plant clothing for it’s sustainable and stylish designs.
We love Ira India’s  signature handworked human motifs, the painstakingly crafted designs in each outfit along with it’s simplicity which together adds a unique charm. All the outfits have detailed work  which are hand- embroidered, hand- painted, hand- stitched and contains unique applique work in breathable hand- woven fabric.
Vishakha believes that her success comes from believing in herself and working passionately towards her dreams. She understands that though life can take away friends and family, what it can’t touch are the dreams and passions one holds steadily in the heart. She is proudly working towards her dreams and firmly believes that success will find her.
She further plans to convert the custom store into a ready-to-wear brand and is eagerly looking forward to showcasing her work at multi- designer stores and working with actresses.
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