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I hope this title did not shock you . But if it did please read on the post till the end. If your mom insisted that you should wear a Red Lehenga on your wedding , we know you managed to convince her that its not your thing. But if you need help in convincing the elders in the house why you don’t want to wear  Gold or Kundan or even Diamaonds then entice the elders with the images given below . Well if you are sill worried on what the world is going to say then God help you . Look at it this way you can still look far more charming, regal , different and will have tons of more cash in hand to splurge on your honeymoon and buy stuff for the house you both will be calling a home :)

Suchitra , the designer behind the brand Soumeiran has put together 6 amazing combinations for some beautiful and unique looks.

Over to you Suchitra :

With the promising and steady increase in conscious, ethical and slow fashion, the renaissance and revival that Indian handloom, artisans and their almost dying skills and indigenous textiles are going through, we can rejoice in the fact that jewellery too is not left any far behind. We are getting to see silver jewellery like never before, vintage or new, sourced or created, being focal elements and amalgamated with stunning, natural, semi precious gemstones, handcrafted with passion and oodles of love and personality.  The beauty of this is, that you have something with you that will last for a lifetime, besides the heirloom jewellery that’s being handed down to you by your grandma or even great grandma so to speak, and the investment goes into something more tangible in terms of legacy as compared to the commercial bridal jewellery that’s so readily available in the market and no doubt is mass manufactured.

So if you are the kind of bride with whom all the bling and synthetic textiles never resonated with, never felt in unison with your soul, and if you are ready to take on that big step in your life as a bride with lots of jasmine in your naturally styled hair, lots of kaajal, itrr, and the very textiles and jewellery that proudly define your roots – this post is for you!

We have collated some looks with sterling silver – temple jewellery genre and natural gemstones as focal pieces, along with suggestions as to how well your heirloom gold could go oh so well with.

Look 1

Image1 (1)

We have a riot of colour here with a statement natural non dyed Lapis Lazuli, Chrysocolla, Burgundy Quartz and sterling silver pendant neck piece, courtesy Soumeiran that can be teamed with a mirror tribal finger ring in sterling silver, Carnelian Chaandbaali style Gold plated sterling silver earrings and Gold kadaas that can have silver stacked bangles in between.

Look 2

Image2 (1)

Have the Goddess in you all depicted here with the statement Mahalakshmi long neckpiece made of sterling silver large pendant, natural Garnet and Green Quartz necklace, courtesy Soumeiran, teamed with a Gold plated sterling silver Maharashtrian choker called ‘Thushi’, vintage / heirloom pearl gold plated sterling silver / gold jhumkas and ghungroo gold kadaas.

Look 3Image3 (2)


And if you are feeling brave for those morning rituals of the wedding, go for this avatar with a luscious statement MahaVishnu long necklace made of Burgundy Marcasite, Green Quartz and sterling silver pendant, amulets and connectors. Along with it, how about extra long sterling silver kadaas, vintage ghungroo sterling silver baalis, and an heirloom Manga (mango shaped amulets) choker to add that touch of Gold.

Look 4

Image4 (1)

Statement sterling silver Mahalakshmi necklace, courtesy Soumeiran, maybe with a multi strand gold plated sterling silver dholki long necklace, vintage gold danglers, and lots of stacked sterling silver bangles and a single gold bangle on either side of the stack?

Look 5 ( click on the image to enlarge)

Image5 (3)

A boho – bride look with this Aventurine, Fuschia Quartz, extra large sterling silver dholkis and sterling silver extra large pendant, with a Gold pendant and chain, Carnelian and Blue Chalcedony long gold plated sterling silver jhumkas, with a massive stack of Navajo / American Indian sterling silver and Turquoise stack of cuffs!

Textiles courtesy: London Desi Project

Look 6

Image6 (2)

Statement earrings are all that are required sometimes, for those mehendis when you want to stay light. Mahalakshmi sterling silver and high quality glass earrings, courtesy Soumeiran.

Textile courtesy: London Desi Project

Jewellery Courtesy : Soumeiran by Suchitra. To purchase the jewelry click here

Hope you enjoyed the way we thought to combine silver and heirloom pieces (possibly) to give a fresh take on bridal jewellery. Go with your instincts and enjoy what you combine with your wedding textiles, they will be an eternal part of a lifetime of happy memories and a massive milestone!






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