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Hello! We’re The Little Big Co., a team of two sisters & a mom who have a soft spot for the pretty stuff. We’ve been styling our spaces to reflect our personalities since we were wee ones sharing a bedroom to now our homes as reluctant adults.

Over the years we’ve had friends and family call us for help and suggestions on the right thing to buy for a particular part of the house, for advice on colors for upholstery and linen, where an arm-chair would look best or on choosing between blinds and curtains.

And we loved getting involved, every single time. So, we decided to set up a little company to help more people craft living spaces that they’ve always envisioned, but had trouble creating.



We’re not a design house or an interior-decoration firm with big teams and multiple projects to honour. We’re a two-person crew that takes on few projects. This way we get to know our clients, their personalities and their hopes for their home. All these little factors make a big difference when we set out to do the footwork for sourcing the right kind of art, furniture, rugs and curios.


Here is Priyanka one of the co-founders telling us a bit more about how her love for decor and interiors was born.

Sometimes I sit back and wonder what it is about color, patterns, decor and furniture that gives me this huge high. Why did I leave my flourishing corporate career and decide to help people recreate their homes?

I was born in a typical Army family where, in my dad’s, almost, forty year career we packed and unpacked our whole household over twenty times. Each time, our new home would be different in structure…. and yet the interiors were like a well-worn pair of jeans, familiar, simple and comfortable. Sometimes we lived in barracks that resembled a train compartment, sometimes in sprawling British-era bungalows and then there were times we lived in homes that had rooms of all shapes and sizes. Not to mention with hospital-like colours on the walls, doors and windows.



I used to see my mother walk around studying every corner and then get down to unpacking her stuff and by the end of two days we’d have in front of us the most beautifully done up home. I was always amazed at how the same furniture and decor that we owned would fit in to the new home, seamlessly creating spaces of comfort and familiarity.

Ever since I got my own home the process of arranging and re-arranging my furniture and accessories has been a constant process. Contrary to popular belief one doesn’t need to change everything in a house in order to achieve what you hope for; it’s interesting to see how adjusting the angle of a chair, changing the upholstery of a couch, or the addition of cushions or adding a lamp or plant can transform an entire space.


Over the next few weeks I will take you through various ways in which one can incorporate simple changes to our homes to achieve a makeover we’ve hoped to have, but always thought out of reach.

If you think you could do with The Little Big Co. touch for your home or even a space in it, indoors or outdoors, then just drop us a message and we can set up a visit.

To get in touch call Priyanka @ +91 9810735538



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  1. Ute Bleeker Reply

    Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your posts. Wishing you much luck with this endeavor.

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