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Kunal suggested some Hol Baumann to go with the post- something he listens to the entire day at work.
“Our design philosophy is not trend driven  but focused on our unique directional vision referencing high street clothing and youth troublesome nostalgia” says Kunal Chatterjee founder and designer of I am Trouble by KC .
Kunal was living an offbeat life full of realizations till 2014. He was exploring and conquering the wildest of thoughts.
“I always lived to explore the extremes. I lived a life of a backpacker for 4 long years. What I was doing is not acceptable in the kind of family I grew up in . They always expected a corporate gentleman out of me. But luck and time favors the brave. End is well when everyone is happy. Today people are happy with my performance in what I am doing.”
“I was a fashion student but was never connected with the real circuit , but virtually I was always connected , always reading and following fashion globally. It all started in January 2015 when I confessed to myself that yes  ” I am trouble” and I should do what I am good at. Art always attracted me in any form , from crayons to skylines – everything inspired me .”

“I was working on and off on freelance projects , making money and exploring . But I was never consistent in working . I was focused more on the extremes . But I always wanted to bring out what is inside and that could only be possible by working seriously. The day I made up my mind , I came up with ‘I am trouble by KC'”

Whatever you see in asymmetrical color blocks and write ups and cuts and patterns and contemporary clothing – I am Trouble by KC will deliver.Everyone does not take ‘I am Trouble by KC’ Home, but whosoever take us home always come back for more ! “I want this” is the USP.

“We are planning to go global soon and will be a part of Tranoi Paris and Whoz Next Paris as of now.” says Kunal


I have met everyone , the good the bad the worst . Mrs Madhu Neotia from Ambuja Neotia group and Neotia art trust invited me to participate in The India Story 2016 . This is something I really cherish as it is a big platform for ‘I am Trouble By KC ‘ . We will be showcasing our best of work at the India Story from 20th October till 23rd October 2016 in Kolkata.

In the era where the unstructured dresses, crop tops and boxy shirts have been done to death < or not yet ? > I am trouble by KC totally stands out in the current fashion circuit with clean cuts, great silhouettes and very very unique designs .

Follow them on facebook here and Instagram here.

And as Kunal signs off  “One life once chance , do whatever makes your consciousness happy and pass on those Good Energies

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