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I know we all love the festival of colors, its colorful and crazy and ofcourse brings with it fantastic sweets like all other Indian festivals .

Unfortunately my better half hates it, runs away from the colors as soon as he spots it anywhere in proximity and if I were to allow , he would probably lock himself up in a room and not come out until the mayhem is over , the bhang has worn off and people have scrubbed off the blacks and the blues from all the odd corners in their bodies.

This is why he has happily  obliged to take the family to Himachal on the “holi” day hence avoiding all mischief from  over enthusiastic family and friends. But if I were in my home hosting a Holi party for my friends and family still trying to tug hubby out in the open ( you think some bhang will help ? ) here is  how I would do it .

  1. Make it about flowers : Some parts of North India do actually celebrate with just flowers. Its the festival of spring , it celebrates colors and joy and butterflies and friendships and love. What better way than ditching the artificial colors or lets say even the so called “herbal” colours and get dirty in marigolds and roses . And its not just the colours , but the smell is divine too. flowers1image source :

Mix up the flowers , make garlands and put them around the house


flowers3Image courtesy : wedding chics

2. Intermingle your garlands with hanging diyas

hanging diya

image source : good earth

2. Make it about the music : If you are into classical music here is a soulful playlist which plays in the background while you chat and share jokes and gossip with friends. Or just to groove to some bollywood music .

3. Have a DIY :  Get your family to paint a wall in the house , or paint a piece of old unused furniture , garden pots anything that brings everyone together and also gives an excuse to splash a bit of color on the other person 😉

diy1image courtesy :


Source :


4. Don’t forget the food !

Make sure the food looks as beautiful as it tastes ! :)

food1image source : www.


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