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Guest post by Seema Singh but first her choice of music . Nietzche said  “Without Music, life would be a mistake”

This is a quaint beautiful house in Bengaluru ( Well I would still rather call it Bangalore ). I love Seema’s collection of horses , the beautiful greens spread indoors and outdoors , her grandfather’s vintage tray bought in London decades ago, her collection of paintings by local artists , flea market buys and the list will go on …. Its little things like these which make a house a home. Over to you Seema …
Basically I am Blue Jay at heart. Am always in the process of doing up my home..My fetish for decorating comes from my mom who always kept a pretty home in spite of limitations. When I was growing up, our home always had fresh flowers & lots of greenery.
pic25( Fresh flowers are mandatory )
pic24(A Japanese Kabuki bookmark that holds her bookmarks collection)
I have moved all over India in my 25 yrs of marriage & kept building up on my treasure trove. When traveling abroad, the first place I look for is a flea market or a chor bazaar! My mantra for decor is to be faithful to your own taste, because nothing you like will ever go out of style.
Our homes tell a story about us so we might as well take the opportunity to make it an interesting one. My home is eclectic. The dictionary definition of eclectic is something that “derives ideas, style, or taste from a broad and diverse range of sources” and mine is an endless array of different vibes. My home never looks the same. It changes with the season and with my mood, whims and fancies.
pic3(My love for horses. Like I say, Keep calm & canter on…The painting depicting a lady putting rangoli. Reminds me of my grandmothers. Again a small artist”s work . The glass cupboard was a cheap deal that made me so happy. Used my mother’s Ikat silk saree to dress it up . )
I always incorporate nature into my home. Be it seeds, stones twigs, they all add character. Skip the florist if you can. Sometimes a blossoming branch can be more striking than an expensive bouquet. I always have plants in the house. Nothing beats the greenery. My mother always said that you should have something alive in each room – plants, pets or flowers.
It’s no secret that mirrors enlarge a space by making walls melt as your eye travels through them, but they also accelerate light. Think of them as cheap and easy room expanders. Put them anywhere where it’s naturally dark. They look particularly fabulous in dining rooms when all the lights are low, candlelight has taken over and you are relaxing with your guests. For me, nothing kills the mood, in a room of any size, faster than a single, glaring light coming from the ceiling.
pic13(Vignettes around my living room. Flowers , cushions and candles add to the coziness.)
pic1( An old Singer sewing machine converted to into a table. Antique mirrors add interest & allow a quick peek before stepping out.)
For true comfort, I like a little bit of contrast. I love to mix in a large piece of art, a dark wall colour or a big bed as an element of luxurious surprise. Textiles are what make a room seem warm, comfortable and inviting. Throw pillows, blankets, curtains — these are the things that make the difference in a home. I am a huge fan of cushions. Use them to make tiny tweaks to your space. Need more colour? A little texture? A little shine? Add some pillows.
pic6( The bedrooms in warm hues blues & oranges. Most of my painting are by unknown local artists from art markets in Bangalore.)
I love typography. This is where words become art. I love doodling around the house. There is something about creating a vignette; the same pieces come to a whole new life. You do not need expensive stuff around the house. There is potential staring in your face everywhere. You’re your eyes and mind open.
pic16(for the love of typography I need words everywhere)
I am also crazy about books around the house. I feel they add soul to the room. No room is complete without at least a few books….even the kitchen needs at least one cookbook. Books provide interesting texture, which is one of the things that makes a space feel cozier and more inviting.
 (Books , books & more books for all the bookworms in the house!)
pic15(An old antique tray holds tiny ballet dolls picked by my grand dad in 1955 from London. )
One thing I know for sure is that the adage  “buy what you love” always works. When decorating I look to see what is popular and trendy , then do something else. Memories of the house I grew up in, large open spaces with verdant gardens , canopies &  verandahs  have influenced my decor style to a large extent. Today when I see both my daughters doing up their own spaces, I am a proud mother.

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