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This is something new on the blog. I have never covered a house which is based on Green Architecture . Its Indian , its beautiful , its breathtaking, its natural and ecofriendly  in so many ways. It is based on the 5R concept – Refuse, Reuse, Reduce, Recycle and Respect. Perhaps we use the same concepts to lead our lives too ? All these five elements come across beautifully in Vinay and Shrutali’s beautiful home.
Meet Shrutali and Vinay the wonderful couple who brought this from their dreams to reality.The house is in Solapur , Maharashtra . Shrutali , Vinay and their son Hruyan call it home :)
Vinay is a textile designer and makes beautiful handwoven saris. He has looms in Gadwal, a small town in Telangana. Shrutali is a software engineer , working as a lecturer in an engineering college . She also assists Vinay in designing.






 Vinay says  old Maharashtrian mansions called Wada were the key inspirations behind designing the house . “We wanted to have the feel of wada to our house, but of course suitable to the modern lifestyles and modern people.”
His architect friend Mr. Amol Chaphalkar (renowned architect in Solapur), helped him execute his ideas.
For Vinay  library and the reading window, for Shrutali – the kitchen are the favorite parts of their house.
Vinay’s advice for those planning to build similar designs in their homes :
“One should know what he or she really wants, basic idea should be clear and more important is to know what we do not want, patience is the most important thing.”
 We leave you with this  video  which takes you through this beautiful home.
Have a great week you guys.




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  1. I. am. speechless. Every inch of the house gives me goosebumps; it emanates the fresh smell of the wet mud after the rain. The design is so rustic, so functional, so beautiful and to top it all so responsible. A truly inspiring home and thanks so much Ila for bringing it to us.

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