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Capturing the essence of purity with a contemporary take on heritage, Teori brings you the best of hand woven textiles, crafted to perfection. From the hidden intricacy in hand-painted and block-printed patterns to their hand woven weaves, every detail is a time-honored emblem of the handiworks of local craftsmanship.
Darshana Teori’s founder tells us that fine arts and crafts had always been of interest to her. From early days of her apparel design journey Darshana wanted to design and promote the rich handwork of our Indian artisans with a twist of western styling.Before Teori visualised and became a reality, Darshana was heading the designing team of a socks manufacturing concern managed and run by her spouse.
 Given her love for handmade and Indian crafts , she decided to name the brand Teori which means Handwoven in Japanese language.
Teori derives inspiration from Darshana’s thought process then the same is jotted down to create a mood board. Once the ideas are re-visited & re-planned, the final concept and design is created. Upon the finalisation of the above she plans for colours & fabrics to be used.  She works in her workshop with a team of Master & stitchers to create the final ensemble.
“Challenges were & are plenty, but I feel finding a skilled craftsmen is quite a challenge. Even sourcing of right fabrics in required quantity.”
Darshana’s favorite designers include – Anita Dongre ,Ruchika Sachdev – Bodice Studio, Urvashi Kaur & Payal Khandwala, Carolina Herrera and Diane Von Frustenberg among others 
The concept and styling have always been to create apparels using natural fabrics. Brand specialises in  affordable designer wear in natural hand made fabrics with limited number of pieces in each design. 
“We have  just started and the road to success seems a long way ahead. But as of now we focus on just Keeping it simple, classic & comfortable.” sums up Darshana.
Zbh loves Teori’s sense of style . clean silhouettes and natural breathable fabrics. Although Darshana says that the road to success is a long way ahead but we are sure that its not far !. Their new concept line- Everyday Teori  with basic               silhouettes is in store and we are super excited to see it launch .
“Watching a design come to life itself is memory in its own way :). From Idea to Conceptualising into actual product is where you feel rewarded. The second best part is when you photoshoot the products & people give their valuable feedback.” says Darshana
image3Teori recently launched a collection called DEGLAM. It is less glamorous where they have focused mainly on simple, real & comfortable apparels. The collection is inspired by lines, stripes & checks. Even the fabric detailing like pin-tucks to pleats are inspired by lines. Some of their dresses and coordinates have beautiful piping details as well.
Their  New Concept line – Everyday Teori  is on its way wherein they intend to introduce basic silhouettes.
For those of you in Chennai , check out their store in person.
Address :- TEORI,
                     New No.9 Harleys Road, Kilpauk,
                     Chennai – 600010
                     Ph – 9566132323 / 48551742
You can also shop online through their website . Teori also  customises the sizing. Generally the shipping time is 4-5 days from the placement of successful order.
Follow them on Instagram here  and on Facebook here .

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