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I admire Disha’s sense of interior styling and her attention to detail. From her beautiful garden , to collections to Buddhas and her lovely work space.

Over to Disha but first listen to her choice of music here :

Thanks Ila for inviting me here. It’s always a pleasure to meet like-minded people no matter offline or online. I am Disha, married to a wonderful person who is wind beneath my wings and mother to a seven-year-old hyperactive son. I work from home as a freelance writer and a blogger. I am a multidisciplinary person with a strong interest in science, art, decor, photography and gardening. I hold a Master degree in Computer Science and I am a gadget geek. I find art everywhere in nature and believe that art can beautify your surroundings as well as your inner-self. My blog “Design Decor & Disha” is a space where I love to share all about designing, decorating, art, craft, recycling and gardening. Today on ‘Peacocks in the rain’ I am elated and excited to share images of a place that I call my home, my canvas!




I am decor enthusiast and love everything that is aesthetically pleasing.  I love decorating my home as much as I love blogging. I like my home to be unique to me. My home is a place that has been evolving with my decor aesthetics each passing day. I have said it earlier and will say it again that your abode should not be a carbon copy of homes featured in magazines instead it should speak about you.





No artefact in the world can equate the charm and satisfaction that a handmade stuff brings in and hence I love to create especially to adorn my abode. Most of the decor accessories in my home are handmade and handpainted.



A home reflects the personality of its dwellers and to put the stamp of my personality in my home I turn the mundane objects into decor accessories, put up the artworks done by me, decorate with my handmade pieces and style the place in a way that is pleasing to my heart and my eyes.











I love to surround myself with lots of warm colours and zen vibes too. I have created many zen spots in my home to give me a sense of calmness.





My love for turquoise is growing by leaps and bounds. Turquoise Buddha bust sits pretty in my bedroom and exudes tranquillity.



The other part of my bedroom houses this magnificent dresser that I totally adore for its color, patterns and sleek design. Planters you see here are DIY projects.



My guest bedroom has been given a completely different look recently when I got an opportunity to work with a brand. The brand wanted me to create a look of Benaras city and sent me their breathtakingly impressive collection of bedding. Striking colours in guest bedroom create a cheerful and lively ambience.


I love entertaining guests though following my busy schedule seldom I get this opportunity. But whenever I get the chance I try to make the most of it and dress my home. Here is my Valentine’s day tablescape.



I have a small balcony garden where I love to spend time with my family and sometimes I just sit there sip my cuppa and admire the beauty of nature. I added the colours in my garden by painting all my pots and planters and vibrant colours.





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