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Aanchal chooses a very different Anushka Shankar number to start the post.

Remember the movie Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara and Bagwati – the 12000 Euro iconic Hermes bag ! Well it was all about the brand and well ya a little bit about the leather and design etc etc … but yes the price tag came with brand named after Grace Kelly princess of Morocco .


Brandless was a satirical take on the insanity behind just the brand name.   “We have lot of people who would buy products just for the brand logo and not design. We wanted our designs to stand out in a manner that it speaks about the personality of the person carrying it and not get overshadowed by just brand. Hence, the name Brandless. To an extent it was also the inspiration behind the brand which is evident in the designs as well. We keep the them minimalistic to keep the raw beauty of leather alive.” Says Aanchal Mittal founder and Chief of everything at Brandless



Brandless is for real people. People like you and me. People who had childhood like all of us :)


Quaint doodles obscured in crumpled pieces of paper,
Pebbles warped by the river,
Crooked twigs and dried of berries emanating nostalgia,
Paper planes landed in the bumpy dark corners,
Though these all little things seemed trivial,
They were a beautiful blend of faded memories, delight and melancholy,
That little bag held the childhood,
It held a treasure that was worth all the fortune in this world

Baatein for Brandless


“Brandless believes in less is more. Our designs can be carried by any gender and age. Each product is carefully handcrafted by our team. Hence no two products are same and will have slight difference. So what you carry will not be identical to someone else’s ”


The process of creating Brandless bags starts with designing on paper. Every shape has more options and variables. Which is followed by sourcing of material. Once the material and design is finalized , it goes for sampling . The sample is tried and tested for a while. In case, changes are required samples are made again . Once all of it is done, the product is put in production. Each product is carefully handcrafted by the  team and taking special care of the details.


Our favorite Brandless accessories for the man and woman on the go

 Clutch for both men and women is a must have. It adds an edge to simple outfits for brunch or dinner


Duffel Bag- Must have for overnighters


Wallet- Keeps you organized


Diary/Journal; We are an old school brand and document everything using clippings or writing. It’s a must have and we have to stop being selfie obsessed to document our occasions.


Shoes/Chappals; A footwear speaks a lot about the person. It is extremely important to have the right pair of footwear for every occasion.

shoes2shoes1For new entrepreneurs Aanchal recommends ” you should  be true to your design philosophy and not give in the commercial demands and trust the timing in your life “

Brandless is soon going to diversify  and expand within the accessories division. Here is a sneak peek into their new project :)


Check out the Brandless website here , follow them on Facebook here and Instagram here .


Oh btw see the entire story of Bagwati here.


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