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Setting the mood with this .

Moya is for anyone who knows what they are and can stand for themselves.Imagine Konkana Sen, Deepika Padukone, Vidya Balan and yourself as Moya women !

Moya products are made in India by local artisans  seeping in the traditions of India.

“Design for us is a story telling and we at Moya celebrate the handcrafted traditions of India in a sustainable ecosystem. The aesthetics of the label are rooted in building a future from our past and embracing innovation with art. A Zeitgeist of the age old Craft traditions of India, our products narrate the story of the makers and their journey through the product.” Studio Moya

lp2Moya’s  design stories are a take on the traditional forms and techniques  but have a very contemporary look and feel. So they have artisans of Bihar interacting with artisans of Andhra through their  products. ” Its a very open culture where we are working towards building finesse and design in traditional crafts.” Says Rashmi brand’s founder and Chief of Everything.

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A dreamer at heart and a believer by thought Rashmi  is driven by passion for everything she does. A postgraduate  from NID led her to a corporate career for 5 years working with brands like Peter England and Louis Philippe designing menswear. She loves cooking but only occasionally and that too  gourmet food :) ” I spend a lot of time in my garden planting,preparing the soil etc and grow all my veggies organically. There are a lot more things I love to do but this much takes away most of my time along with my work! ”


Our  artworks are a  confluence of traditional forms like Madhubani, Tholu Bommalata, Block patterns, mixed with Rashmi’s own style of drawing. Their products also show a remarkable love for zentagles and fine lines which are unique to the brand . “We are not just sustaining the craft but putting it in a whole new perspective altogether.” calls out Rashmi.




“After I left my job to pursue all that I wanted to do I was working with various craft clusters and doing freelance projects. While I was working through these craft clusters in Bihar,Andhra and West Bengal, one thing that I experienced everywhere  was lack of design process. While the consumers have evolved over time, the crafts could not and that is why it was not making much sense to the contemporary consumer and was the need of the times. I started experimenting and did a lot of cross pollination of techniques and craft forms and was kicked by the whole idea of building it as a brand and that is how Studio Moya found itself ! The journey thereafter has only been of making it  bigger, better and finer…



“For me design is about problem solving be it in everyday life or professionally. I look for sustainable, organic solution/designs without taking away its character. “





“I have always learnt a lot from the artisans I work with and people who walk in to customize their products. There was one client who ordered a few lamps and while we were talking she mentioned seeing some clay Rakhis somewhere and requested if I could make some for her in leather…I did and that became one of our regular products thereafter! And then later gave direction to the jewellery collection also.”


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When asked Rashmi said ” Success is a very subjective word, for me it is about being able to fulfill my goals, day on day, month on month year on year with patience and perseverance. ” Rashmi according to us  the way you have revived the arts through Studio Moya is a huge success . We wish you would continue to experiment more , create more beautiful products and have your own beautiful store very soon.


Here are our top picks for décor pieces for Diwali from Studio Moya

The baby T- lights are a must!


 Fairy/string lights with handpainted leather cones, use them anytime anywhere to spruce up the decor



The Drum hanging lamps are also a must have piece if you love Indian decor,you can choose from their design directory whether to have Madhubani inspired or more of doodle graphics in your own colors.


The hand painted frames, you  can have them on leather or on handmade paper in your choice of colors and patterns


The table lamps are another must have in non conventional shapes and designs



For your festive shopping check out Studio Moya’s online store here , facebook page here and Instagram here.


Image Courtesy : All pictures are from Studio Moya


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