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So, today’s blog post is dedicated to a little area in our homes that, as per me, is one of the most impactful but often forgotten. I’m talking about the foyer. This is the one space that everyone who comes to your homes walks through and notices first. It is also last thing they see on their way out. I’m sure you know what I mean when I say Indian goodbyes never end, so your guests and you will keep saying your farewells and then suddenly find something to talk about and then talk some more before saying bye again and so on and so forth, carries on this cycle till someone finally says “oh! I really should get going”. Have you noticed that this long drawn out exchange usually takes place in your foyer?


The foyer is one of the simplest spaces to do up and one can constantly change the look depending on the occasion or festival. A console table or a bench work perfectly for foyers, as do lamps and plants.


Console Table – A console is the perfect surface for some picture frames, a vase full of flowers and a lamp to create some warm lighting; after all it’s also the place you witness first when you come home.

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Bench – If we decide to add a bench, it can be dressed up with colourful cushions and/or a throw. This is a great space to sit while slipping on your shoes and benches with storage are great to hide some of our clutter J


Mirror – Mirrors at the entry give an immediate feeling of space and openness. And the best part is that there is no mirror that won’t work. It can be plain, blingy, have a colourful frame and it will fit perfectly in your foyer. Mirrors are also great in giving the illusion of space, so if you’re foyer is a bit small, don’t worry about it, just add a mirror.


Colour/Decor – It would be best to use neutral colours in our baseline furniture (The console/bench) and bring in the colour with additions like a rug, photo frames, a lamp, some wall art and plants.


I hope this post provides some inspiration for changes you’re planning for your foyer/entryway to make that lasting impression for the next time you have someone over.


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