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When I first saw Bindu’s house on Instagram , I knew it had to be up on my blog and well in time for Diwali. This house has been done up with so much love and affection that each corner is not just cosy and warm it is also enchanting , beautiful and truly Indian in our very own God’s own country.




“Let me introduce myself my name is Bindu Joseph and I live with my beautiful family in southern part of India call Kerala. My family includes myself ,my husband and three kids. I am a homemaker and always love to keep my house beautiful. My house is almost 30 years old we have renovated the house only one and a half years back and I must admit that I have enjoyed every bit of it. We have just pull down some of the walls for more space and light.




“There are no rules for decorating my home,what to keep or what not to. you can’t see a permanent place for anything in my house.  Decor always changes according to my mood and it will keep my soul happy. Regarding the Indian decor always few antiques ,diyas etc will be perfect. For me I prefer mix of styles , a blend of everything.”



“Where ever I go whether in India or abroad i bring home what I love. Returning without anything for my house, no chance for that.”



“Most of the furniture is custom made only few items I have purchased like Elephant chair,Sofa sets”




“My kitchen ,my family area can’t decide, every nook and corner is my favorite”


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“To choose my favourite deco is really tough because I personally choose everything for my house. I have been collecting the things for past ten years so that I have a personal attachment to everything”

Bindu Thanks so much for a virtual visual treat of your beautiful house . I am sure it will grow more enchanting in the years to come.



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