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This is second in our series of Karadi Tales book reviews – A spooky tale in an abandoned house in Nanikhet, a quiet village in Sahyadri Mountains . But first some music  IMG_4116-compressor

One full moon night , Zaheer a tall thin lanky man arrived in Nanikhet looking for a place to spend the night which unfortunately had no motels or lodges.



A local tea seller recommended him to spend the night in Diwan Khana – the abandoned mansion where no one else in the village dared to go.


And as Zaheer spent the night in the beautiful yet uncanny Diwan Khana , he couldn’t catch much sleep as  he kept hearing the sound of  Tak- Tak – Tak – Tak…


The legend goes that Diwan Sahib used to live in the mansion himself many years ago … and when he died the sounds began to escape from the Diwan Khana and out in the world .


Next morning Zahir took the morning bus to continue his journey .

So where did the sound come from ? Who was Diwan Sahib and who created this strange sound of Tak- Tak. Was it a ghost ? Why did no one in the village ever dared to step into the beautiful mansion ? Was Zaheer able to solve the mystery and why did he come to Nanikhet ?

The illustrations are beautiful and uncanny by Shilo Shiv Suleman and the mysterious story written by Soumitra Ranade  leaves you wanted for more.

Book is available online at amazon and Karadi Tales bookstore.

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