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Do you have a pet at home ? Perhaps you don’t like any little animals in the house but your little ones have been asking for one for the longest time … perhaps they will get a dog called Bruno on their next birthday or an adorable cat called Poochki ?


So our little girl Maya brings home Acchu ( bless you ? ) So you didn’t get it – Maya brought home Acchu …a baby elephant she found in the temple and sheltered in her backyard which Maya’s family refuses to believe .



This an adorable little tale  narrated by Shobha Viswanath and  illustrated by Sadhvi Jawa. A story about life’s simple pleasures , about the children’s love for pets, baby animals , on how they are naturally caring even before their parents think they can teach them to show empathy and love. And to top it all , each time how  your little one giggles on hearing “Acchu” is priceless .


Illustrations are beautiful from Little Maaya cuddling the baby elephant to hopping on to his back to take a ride.



This summer ( or is it Monsoon already ?)  immerse your little ones in the charming world of  Indian picture books starting with “Elephant in my backyard ” . We have many such more gems like this waiting to be shared with you.

Title : Elephant in my Backyard

Written by Shobha Viswanath and illustrated by Sadhvi Jawa

Published by Karadi Tales

Available online at Karadi Tales  and  Amazon


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