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“Let yourself be silently drawn by the strange pull of what you really love. It will not lead you astray.” and this inspires me everyday. ” – Rumi

Anjali and I have soo many things in common , we studied the same courses in University , went to the same University but different colleges :) , worked in same companies and are totally in love with Indian design , textile and Art.  When she wrote to me sharing her work , it was delight to have such lovely pieces of art having landed in my inbox.


PITR : You mentioned that you left your corporate career to plunge into the world of art. Tell us more about that. What made you do it ? Was it scary ? :) I am sure you are happy you did it but give some word of advice for our readers.

Anjali : Born and brought up in India, art was always a part of my growing years. In fact, I would always pack a drawing book for all holidays (something I still do!) because every holiday definitely included a painting session.

My mother is a textile designer, my grandmother enjoys painting, and my sister also became a graphic designer. However, I never wanted to take up art as a profession. I always felt like I needed to prove myself in the corporate world – I wanted to be a marketing-professional.

But things have a way of falling in place, after 10 years in the corporate world, I just reached a point in my life where I was not happy with my situation. Then came an opportunity to exhibit some of my amateur work in Singapore (which received some positive response). Around the same time, I became a mother and I wanted to spend more time with my son. This seemed like my best and only chance to leave the corporate world and pursue something I actually enjoyed! Since then, I’ve been a full-time mother and artist.

I think the toughest part about being an entrepreneur is taking that first step – there are too many questions and doubts that stop us. So for those who have already taken that big step, I would really say half the battle is won.

Going forward one of the important things is to set goals for yourself – both short and long term goals. You need to create an environment where you are busy irrespective of your situation.

Also don’t feel embarrassed to create work that sells – I think honestly no one wants to be a struggling artist forever! The best thing is to balance the two – create work for the market and create work for yourself, it’s the reason you quit in the first place.



PITR : What inspires you . Who are your favorite artists and designers ? Which is you favorite Indian artform ?

Anjali : To me art is omnipresent – you will see that a lot of my work is inspired by Indian folk art – so for me the most interesting form of art is the primitive style of folk art, which is a part of people’s daily life and is practiced by generations. I really like folk art forms like Madhubani and Gond art, that use visuals from the world around them – floral or animal patterns inspired by nature.

Similarly, I draw inspiration from the world that surrounds me – having had the opportunity to have lived in 3 countries, I experiment with art styles and materials from these countries. For example, you can find the use of Hanji (handmade paper) from Korea, bindi (traditional forehead decoration) from India and Chinese motifs from Singapore in my work. I let the patterns lead me and create their own magic.


PITR : Do the patterns have a meaning or thought process to it?
Anjali : Honestly, sometimes I fill in whatever I feel like and sometimes unintentionally [they have meanings]. For example, in the Pregnancy series, unintentionally in the bump I have drawn a blooming flower. It’s only later that I think it is
symbolic of a womb. I think our brains are tuned in such a way, but I don’t like to put [labels] there. I’d rather you
look and [analyse] it yourself. But in the Moksha [yoga] series, I actually thought about the symbolism behind it.


PITR : Where are you based ?  How can our readers purchase your products . We think the paper weights will make great and unique diwali gifts and of course the unique art you create as well.

Anjali : I have been now a working artist for 4 years. I am currently based in Gurgaon. I take on customized work for individuals or companies.  Diwali Gift

Most of my work can be seen on my artist profile page (

Also, for any purchase inquires, you can email me on [email protected]

– Images credit and copyright: © Indian Artist Anjali B Purkayastha

All rights reserved. All artwork or images thereof may not be reproduced or used in any manner whatsoever without the express written permission of the artist (Anjali B Purkayastha).


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