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I couldn’t have missed the opportunity to play my favorite Rajasthani folk music here.

“India’s heritage is tremendously rich and our artisans are extremely skilled and I firmly believe that machines cannot supplement this ability. It is my endeavor, therefore, to resuscitate handicrafts and the skills of our commendable artisans through Soul Roots along with being environment friendly.  My brand believes in the unrivaled inheritance of Indian textiles and craftsmanship. It believes in restrained affluence and modest luxury and Soul Roots, as a brand caters to the regular Indian woman . Season after season, Soul Roots aims to integrate the rich heritage of weaves and surface embellishment in its collections. ”

Thus the USP of Soul Roots is its Indian influence, the rich heritage of the crafts of India and it‘s opulent history, it’s splendid culture, gorgeous textiles and intricate workmanship.


Sonal  was born in Lucknow a city of cultures traditions and crafts, and ever since childhood, she had a keen interest in arts and crafts. “From my early teens, I knew I wanted to get in to the fashion industry. My keen interest was in creating something, sculpting something, beautifying objects I had this precision at a very young age. However fashion designing at that time was not a recognized vocation. But my parents supported me throughout and encouraged me to pursue it further.”



Sonal  pursued Fashion Designing from National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT), Gandhinagar . ” Gujarat is a very traditions and textiles rich state, that place kindled a creative spark in me, and I was exposed to varied crafts. I was lucky to work with companies who gave me a lot of experience with real crafts.  I always dreamt of the brands I will create in future.  I believe it came naturally to me, so I always knew that my love for clothing and crafts would someday make me what I am today”

pic26” Starting something of my own was always a dream.When I launched Soul Roots, two years back in 2014, I wanted to give the modern Indian women a “ready to wear” brand where they could select stylish, trendy yet affordable garments right off the shelves. I wanted to make Soul Roots their “go to” fashion brand – a brand for real women like us, which would be a manifestation of each woman’s persona and not just a fashion trend. My vision was to make Soul Roots a part of every woman’s wardrobe. Soul Roots does easy styles which are trendy and has a pure handcrafted feel . ”



“My inspiration comes from the designing process itself. I discover inspiration in almost everything – traveling, music, books, but one of my sturdiest sources of inspiration is city of Jaipur. I’ve always been captivated with the detailing of the architectural grandeur of the city and still try to integrate some of its elements in my designs. The traditions and culture of this land of rich heritage is a great source of inspiration for me. Consequently, Soul Roots educes the colors in all contrast of bright and desert region, and is symbolic of the new age, contemporary woman who wants clothing that expresses her eccentricity. It’s for a woman for all seasons – it’s exciting, vivacious, and bold and is a colorful communication of the wearer’s personality! ”





“I feel creativity is about continually reinventing and transforming yourself and your designs, while keeping your design ideologies intact. So with every season my brand progresses whilst retaining my signature design aesthetic intact. The strong use of crafts in my creations will always gleam through my collections, exquisitely contrasted with the vitality of current trends.” – Sonal

” A great dress can make you remember what is beautiful about life “


To perfect your Indian inspired ethnic look ,  Sonal recommends the long skirt which originated from the Ghaghra. It is  easy clothing, hassle free and quite a style statement. One can team it up with a long kurta or short snug spaghetti. also a stole and a Dupatta will accentuate a boring solid kurta or a regular denim ensemble .




Soul Roots appeals to both classes and the masses.  I aim to reach out to each discerning customer who is aware and cares for our heritage and crafts. ”  Minimalist style and offering the customer “reachable luxury” is Sonal’s  biggest strength. Therefore the creative process of Soul Roots is stitched by a common thread of urbane style sans decorative detailing. I love all things Indian, and being inspired by the colorful state of Rajasthan, her  collection sees the use of lots of Indian weaves and techniques, with gota Patti, syahi beggar, block printing etc. being a signature element.



” Women in India are still constrained by customs and cultural philosophies. However to attain success they have to learn prioritizing and delegation .They have to comprehend that they cannot be a superwoman and thus manage themselves in a way which will not burn them out and lead to better output. I don’t have any particular mantra but I believe in one thing – grasp all the prospects because as they say opportunity dances with those who are on the dance floor! Design is an artistic medium but it also is a game of numbers, so I would tell all women who want to follow this; to get a good education, followed by experience, training, to follow your gut feel and never ever imitate anyone. If you feel you cannot do different things, then at least do them differently.”

Sonal we love your brand’s philosophy as much as the beautiful skirts and dresses made by Soul Roots.



Sould Roots retails through  online and e-commerce channels. Also some leading stores in various metros like Delhi, Chennai, and Kolkata etc. also carry the brand. Brand is  currently trying to focus on doing adaptable clothing lines catering to masses as well as classes.

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