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“The only way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it, move with it, and join the dance.”—Alan Watts

from team 145 East but first lets get their favorite music too.


I am super kicked with the launch of this brand . They are young , vibrant, crazy , dreamers , risk takers , fun , happy go lucky , super talented and well look at the clothes – they are so colorful  they will put our Peacocks to shame :)))

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This is homage,

To the humble gamcha.

An honorable consort of regal necks of babus galore.

Of humble shoulders, which carried the sweat of the day & night’s work.

This is homage,

To the hues which India donned through ages. Through seasons.

From Baatein

Over to team 145 East

Rishabh Badoni is our Steve Jobs , Siddharth Sengupta is our creative clown , Srishti Sengupta and Rahul Badoni are our in-house models . Our orbiting creative satellite is Mohor Mukherjee , helping the team maintain its sanity and good looks i.e branding. Akash Chakraborty looks after our presence online and sitting at the head of the table is Shoma Badoni.



Put simply, we’re a small group of visual bandits who like to play around with things. You know, tinker with colors, lights, graphics and all that jazz. So about three years ago when there was no brand, one of us wanted to put up a photography exhibition in an apartment located at 145 Jodhpur Park, Kolkata. What followed was the few of us getting together for the first time, for an event that turned out to be the first of many more design ventures.



We were having too much fun; and our hands reached for more projects, more ideas. It wasn’t until last year that we decided to become a design firm. For now we’re dealing with apparel, stationery, and household products; but our vision for the future is flirting along the edges of more daring projects.

( PITR favorites at 145 East)


With a team as eccentric as ours, collectively our likes and hobbies are pretty far out. Instead of listing them, here’s maybe a way you can access the feel of it: imagine Bob Dylan playing  “Recorda-me” on an untuned piano to a sea of empty seats in a burnt down theatre somewhere in the Himalayas. Yes. That’s about right.
There are a lot of things we want to do. Starting this gave us a way to express ourselves creatively, as we have till now, but also potentially through various other mediums, and other projects. There was no inspiration really—it was more like the only thing to do.

Well, first of all, we’re the first firm to have a labrador as one of the major shareholders. But apart from sarcasm, we believe its our constant movement towards something fresh and simple with the flair of a provocateur that makes us unique.


Our design sensibilities come from a lot of different fields and people. To name a few, Sven Nykvist—Ingmar Bergman’s famed cinematographer—Andy Warhol, Irving Penn, Wes Anderson, old posters of Satyajit Ray films, Stefan Seigmeister, Jessica Walsh. The list goes on.


BeFunky Collage2

Our products are always a result of the fact that we’re risk takers. We love it. It’s not whether people will like the product or not; it’s about whether its new, outrageous, and unpredictable.



When I asked them about their secret recipe to success the team replied “Don’t be afraid to fail. Keep taking risks, and don’t chase something—just keep doing.”

( reversible color jackets with pretty color options )


145 East is  soon going to be designing a collection for dogs. !!!!!! <PITR : How cool is that > The overall trajectory of our firm, however, is getting involved in graphic designing, branding, advertising, producing short films and plays, opening a radio station and cafe in Calcutta, starting a magazine, amongst many other things. There’s just too much we want to do; but we know it’ll all work out, because we’re turning this thing into a circus.


You can buy their products at : their  home studio in Jodhpur Park. They also retail at Sasha, Living Free, and Abar Boithak and will soon be going online.


Next time in I am in Kolkata I am definitely heading to 145 East Jodhpur Park . In the meantime follow them on Facebook here and Instagram here.


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