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Arpita and I met many years ago when we used to work in the same organization in Gurgaon. She was quite , extremely sharp and had(has) a beautiful laugh. A Bengali beauty who had made up an aesthetically pretty and cosy nest in Gurgaon many years ago but now lives in Singapore with her husband Sauvik  and her toddler son Onir.

Here are some images from her very Asian , Santiniketan inspired home in Singapore where they have been living for past four years.


Living Room Photos are taken by her talented husband Sauvik and showcases their love for art . Husband and wife spend most of their time together in this room , talking, watching TV , drinking coffee and tea together and of course their painting collection is displayed here as well.

living room


Most of the paintings are painted by her father in law. Her love for the paintings changes with her moods and state of mind :) and currently the water color painting by Samir Mondal is her favorite. Her other favorite Indian artists include Sunil Das and Suhas Roy.


Most of the decoration items in her house are bought from Santiniketan while all big furniture was picked up from Singapore.

dining table


For her Singapore is like her second home . She finds it super clean and given how she and her hubby love to travel , Singapore is extremely well connected to rest of the world. But the best thing she finds about Singapore is that its so close to India and every little Indian thing ( groceries , “fishes” ) are available . The only thing she misses about India is the change in seasons :)

Given that Durga Pooja is so close by I asked her how she celebrates the festival in Singapore. Arpita said ” Durga Puja in Singapore is celebrated grandly with a lot of enthusiasm. One of biggest Pujas organized by Bengali association. Durga puja is all about fun, frolic, food, friend , new Sarees , jewelry, big bindis.  ( PITR loves big bindis) It is the time for celebration, rejuvenation and reunion. Here we make sure visiting the pandal at least on ashtami if not all 5 days.

The next thing she wants to do with her house is decorate her son Onir’s room .

Arpii thanks for letting us peak into your lovely house and hope we meet sooner than later.


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