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I know you will want to get up and dance to this music but please only after you finish reading this post :) Great choice Ramona definitely a refreshing change for the blog.

Forty Red Bangles refers to the wedding chura which is traditionally worn by brides for 40 days after their marriage.  “For me it signified a turning point in my life and hence became the name of my business.  Now we refer to it as the ‘marriage’ of sustainability and design.” Says Ramona Saboo the lovely Founder and Director of Forty Red Bangles


“Forty Red Bangles was launched in 2010 out of my need and desire to forge my own connection with Mumbai and India in a meaningful and productive way. When my daughter turned 3, I decided I wanted to channel my energy into something positive and get back to work. I drew upon my experience and background in community development and decided to set up a social enterprise . Drawing inspiration from everyday life in India I created designs which have been translated into sustainable luxury lifestyle products . I worked at the grassroots level and outsourced elements of our production to ensure that the artisans involved earn an ongoing income. Through my  work I have developed my very own connection with each place I have lived in. “


Ramona  was born and brought up in Melbourne , her husband is from Jodhpur, Mumbai is where the work and life is based now and Singapore was their  home for 2 years. They launched Forty Red Bangles in Singapore in 2013 and spent two years setting up our business there.  “Now we travel between all these places for work and family.  I am blessed to be able to call so many places home.”
Ramona  loves the look and feel of Dabu printing.  “There are so many elements that do into its process, it is very exciting to see the end result.  We have used this technique for detailing in our men and women’s collection.”
” We design and print all of our own fabrics.  Each collection has its own unique story and there is a lot of thought that goes into each element of the design.  When you wear a Forty Red you know that you are wearing something unique.  Everything we do is a labour of love!”
( Forty Red bangles also makes these beautiful handcrafted shoes)
Each design starts with a story, from which we draw elements that we create into motifs and then a print.  So we have the design phase, then the printing process and stitching.  Each collection takes around 6 months to develop from start to launch.
( Forty Red Bangles’ Raja Rani collection for kids is one of a kind . With Organic cotton , beautifully hand block printed in India , this range is just perfect for kids in summer )


( detailing in the collar in beautiful and so different from other kids wear brands )


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” We will be opening up our own studio space in central Mumbai.  An inviting space where customers can come and see and try on our collection, have a good cup of coffee and a chat.  Also we are expanding Forty Red Bangles internationally, in particular the UAE and US.”

Forty Red Bangles have their our own online platform and also retail across India in different cities.  They are available in Singapore at Tangs Orchard Road and also participate in a prominent trade show called The Boutiques Fair in March and November in Singapore.


“I feel that in India it would be really nice to have a more supportive and active community for mompreneurs.  I see many women focused initiatives in other countries where people like myself can really benefit from being surrounded by like minded people.  Sometimes having your own business and working for yourself can be a lonely journey, so having a more active online or offline space would be fantastic.”

” I am a big foodie and will travel to any part of the city to try out new food.I enjoy preparing meals for my family and have secret ambitions to one day be on Masterchef Australia.”

Ramona we are sure your food is as delicious  and good looking  as the clothes you make so good luck for the Masterchef’s next season 😉 Life of an entrepreneur is never easy and for mompreneurs even more so. The journey is tough but its worth enjoying each moment of it because each experience is a great teacher.

Follow Forty Red Bangles on Facebook here , Instagram here and buy their products online from their website here.



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