We complete 1000 followers on Instagram and bring you a gift from Tokree store in Jaipur

To my amazingly supportive and loyal readers , thank you so much for showering your love and appreciation.

As we complete 1000 followers on Instagram , here is a little gift for you from Tokree shop in Jaipur.

There will be two lucky winners who will get to win one of these two beautiful pouches.

Two lucky winners will get one of these two silk hand made pouches. Use them to store your make-up, stationary, jewelry or any other keepsakes !

here is how you need to participate. Follow the three simple tests.

  1. Like the Peacocks in the Rain facebook page here and follow us on Instagram here.
  2. Like the Tokree Facebook page here.
  3. Mention in the comments below on what you would me to write about more in this blog.

That’s it ! The giveaway is open across the globe !! So no matter which part of the world you are in , you can participate and win yourself these beautiful goodies.




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7 thoughts on “We complete 1000 followers on Instagram and bring you a gift from Tokree store in Jaipur

  1. Hi Ila,

    Love reading your blog and i never miss out participating in your lovely giveaways too.

    Would love to see your writing about Rajasthani Wedding, Mehendi Designs + tricks to make them red, Bride’s make up tips, the traditional games every couple plays and the history behind it…actually it fascinates me and would love to know about it :)

  2. Love reading ur posts and as we all r like minded people heren till now u hv come with different style of posts and I feel like coming days wld be same…. So acc to my view there’s no need to mention specific thing to write here…

  3. Dear Ila,
    I love your eye for shops that stock these unique and true blue Indian arts, crafts and interiors. The best part about your blog is when I read a post I feel like I’m actually stepping into those amazing little boutiques and curio shops we see in the nooks and corners of small towns and cities.
    I am a voracious reader so would love to see your take on books and small bookstores that sometimes stock the most interesting books that you normally wouldn’t find in these big chains and their shop decors are amazing! I would also love to see more posts on the cities you have traveled to and their most charming, must visit shops and stores.
    Here’s to more beauty from India!

  4. I would love to see your blog with a one column dedicated to shopping streets. The best stuff available in a particular market – fabric, handicraft, decorative pieces etc. coz being a shopaholic (as every women is)…it would help us in a big way!

  5. Love reading your blog. Reminiscing the ethnic roots of India is always a good experience. Would love to see more about jewelry coordinates, availing crafts of India overseas and more travel posts!
    Best wishes :)

  6. Hi Ila,

    Your posts are amazing and provide a lot of information on various aspects. I would love to read and know more about the different handloom weaves that our country is rich in. It would help everyone know more about the handloom industry. Knowing about the different weaves will help us and everyone better appreciate it.
    Thank You.

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