Walk into my home with Anuradha Kapoor

Anuradha warmly agreed to let PITR feature her pretty house . From her personal collection of several kinds of boxes to handpainted doors, She is an extremely creative décor star. Hers is what she shared with me

“I know this may sound strange but my interest in home decor started when I was a kid , in the times when nobody took much interest in the aesthetic appearance of a home . All you could see was beige and brown and someone who dared to be different would use maroon upholstery . Homes were basic and bland. In such a scenario a kid of 12 (that’s me) would adorn her room with paper cut out flowers , colourful ribbon braids, painted tins and boxes . Even embroidered cushions and table cloths to add colour to the room. Cocooned in this self created haven my childhood was a lovely burst of vibrant creativity which has followed me into adulthood . Being a nature lover helped me in my quest for bringing beauty into my home . Anything beautiful or aesthetically pleasing makes my pulses race and gives me goosebumps to this day . Having done a three year course in textile designing further honed my talent and helped me add varied dimensions like design, textiles , patterns ,textures and art mediums to my repertoire. I have also travelled extensively( thanks to a husband in merchant navy) and my joys knew  no bounds when I was exposed to the beauty and diversity of handicrafts, hand looms and art and architecture of various cultures . China, Korea , Thailand , Africa , South America and many other countries added multifarious objects of beauty to our home and above all expanded my worldview about how creativity is universal and all encompassing.
I also feel that to have a lovely warm home one doesn’t have to burn a hole in ones pocket . Except for some furniture we have nothing expensive in our home. Most things are created by me and the others are collected over a period of time from our travels , flea markets , quaint little shops and exhibitions. My keen interest in DIY and recycling of discarded things was instrumental in the creation of my first endeavour called ‘Wonder Waste’ in which I transformed bottles , tins , paper , boxes and cartons into lamps, masks, paper weights , pen stands , news paper paintings and other products . The second range of products under the name of ‘colorworx’ comprises of hand painted metal everyday objects like trunks , kettles, water cans , buckets and plates . Have taken part in a number of exhibitions and still do .

The beautiful entryway of her house …




The entryway to their home with bright colourful paintings , ceramic bottles , hand painted trunk and a figure shaped candle stand from Africa


Lord Ganesh keeping a watchful eye over our home . The entryway wall gallery with distressed wooden carvings and mirrors




Copper vessels handed down from her mother and a Qutub Minar like Copper candle stand.


And her amazing collection of boxes.


The master bedroom with a patchwork bedspread. Over the bed are the tantrik art paintings and papier mache masks . On the side are the news paper paintings . All the art work is my creation. The Saraswati picture is Kantha work done by me.



A vignette with wooden figures, a grooved tray with beads and ceramic and a succulent



 And  last but not the least , this lovely green terrace garden makes it a perfect place to soak in the winter sun !

BeFunky Collage


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