Vraj:Bhoomi because ajrakh never looked so good

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“My work is a window to who I am,

How I see the world and how I want it to be!”

Bhoomi – Founder & Creative Head at Vraj:bhoomi

Introducing Vraj:bhoomi – For the eccentric, diverse, candid and cheerful!


One pair of these shoes takes up to six weeks to get made ! Handmade and exclusive !!

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Vraj:bhoomi’s roots lie in Gujarat, a flourishing vibrant state with its true colors of rich heritage and cultural traditions. Vraj:bhoomi signifies the land of Krishna –  the land of everlasting love, enchanting life , nature’s splendor, charming myths and eternal truth.

“From rediscovering glorious history to discovery of breathtaking traditional art-craft forms and experiencing the divine beauty of it, the brand  is richly interwoven with the enigmatic beauty of outer world and the serene beauty of inner-self.” – Well said Bhoomi !


“An evolved sense of style, atypical richness, a splendor that prevails over everything they create, the traditional craftsmen create magic with their hands.” The beautiful textiles energized and embellished with hand techniques, the desert artisans and the diverse cultures of Gujarat have been an enduring inspiration for Bhoomi.

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“Bhoomi  a revivalist by her approach, graduated from the National Institute of Fashion Technology where she specialized in Textile Design. She is the design brain behind the brand and a true Libran who is always caught busy maintaining a perfect balance between traditional crafts and contemporary style to attain the perfect design statement which is at the core of Vraj:bhoomi. Her talent lies in creating the perfect synergy of innovative patterns and immaculate tailoring, coming up with designs that suits the classics and contemporary in equal and in exploring the traditional Indian textiles and translating those to the most urban and chic outfits.”



After working for a few years in the already defined fashion industry, Bhoomi made  way to Kutch, to relive the history of Indian culture by reviving its traditional textiles and launched Vraj:bhoomi in 2013.


‘Vraj:bhoomi’ is a concept-clothing label, working with regional artisans in transforming the traditional hand block printing skills to ethical aesthetic wear.



“We are on a quest for the Indian contemporary, rooted in its traditions yet global in its charm. ‘Contemporary Revival’ as a design expression is hold closed and treasured by the label.We persistently seek to reintroduce traditional Indian textiles & lovingly hand-crafted clothing by skilled artisans to suit urban, chic and comfortable everyday fashion that you can wear anytime, anywhere and anyhow.”- Bhoomi and Priyam


The beauty and authenticity of the label rests in the textile process, where materials pass through the hands of one craftsperson to the other, carrying forward the Indian tradition of the hand made and creating pieces that has a unique story to share. The resulting garment evokes a strong sense of culture from which it originates. ” We work closely with desert artisans of Kutch by providing various inputs including design, quality control, access to raw materials and production coordination. The vision continues to maximize the hand made element in our product. ” – Bhoomi




“Currently we are focused on contemporary revival of a textile craft called “Ajrakh”, a form of hand block printing with resist dyeing using natural dyestuffs. However, we would love to explore and work using other Indian Textile crafts as well. The exclusivity of skilled craftsmanship mirrors vibrant culture of Gujarat.  At Vraj:bhoomi we are committed to relive each craft of this cultural land. Extending the philosophy, we would love to explore the intricate hand embroideries and beautiful hand weaves as well. ”

Printed on both sides in the dominant shades of indigo and madder , and characterized by their use of mordanting and multiple dyeing techniques , the ajrakh  textiles derive their name from the Arabic word azrak, meaning blue . Dyed and printed with vegetable and mineral colors , the properties of the cloth exceed the merely aesthetic ; the colours of ajrakh are believed to be such that they are cooling in the heat and warming in the cold. It is also considered as an element of the Kachchhi Maldhari community’s sartorial identity.


While royal patronage and good natural resources launched the craft of ajrakh block printing at Dhamadka , it had been sustained by certain resilience on the part of the Khatris , the artisans specializing in the creation of these textiles.


 Must have 5 garments/accessories from Vraj:Bhoomi that should be in every woman’s wardrobe :

Cotton Cape , Ajrakh Oxford, Shirt Dress, Layered Tunic and Ajrakh Scraves






Bhoomi wants to encourage people to consider where their clothing comes from, and to prove that Indian fashion can be extremely plush whilst still maintaining the traditional design philosophy.


” I want to make memories all over the world! I want to travel across the globe and explore the best out of me. I learn more about myself while on the road than anywhere else. I love walking round a corner and finding a view to take my breath away – and knowing it’s a moment I can never replicate or explain. ” – Bhoomi

Bhoomi and Priyam – May your life un-box treasures of happiness and creativity. May you travel far and wide in India and beyond and bring us the beauty of textiles in most unique ways. Because as we said no one else makes Ajrakh look so good :)


Follow Vraj:Bhoomi on Facebook here and Instagram here . If you are in Delhi they are currently also participating in Pause for a Cause in Aga Khan Hall until July 14th.




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