Writers and brand advocates

Are you a good writer, interested in Indian crafts , arts and anything that is handmade in India. Are you interested in working with us as a volunteer researcher, writer and brand advocate  ? Peacocks in the rain is currently seeking to fill  Volunteers based positions as a “Writers and brand advocates” for the website across the countries in he world.

We not only want you to write for us but also be the brand advocate of Indian handicrafts , textiles, artisans and Peacocks in the rain :)

Volunteer positions are open to candidates across the globe in all the countries.

Please note: This is an unpaid, part-time position, averaging 10 hours per week, and it involves finding artisans,crafts and designers,  following up on leads, researching, investigating,  writing and sending all material to the curator at Peacocks In the Rain.You will also be required to research local designers and artists in your countries who are Inspired by Indian artforms. In addition to possessing writing, research and editing skills, our ideal candidates must be very curious  and interested in Indian art forms , handicrafts, history and culture.

Essential requirements:

You must be at least be a college graduate, enthusiastic, and a capable person interested in Indian culture.  An interest in Indian history, art, textiles, and handicrafts is necessary, and curiosity is one of the most important characteristics to have.

Job Description:

  1. Fluent in English and your native language.
  2. Internet and social media savvy
  3. Responding to telephone, e-mail and written requests from clients
  4. Conducting local seminars formal and informal to discuss Indian aesthetics .
  5. Access to a personal desktop/ laptop computer


  1. Please write a short note about yourself, what you are doing currently and why would you be interested in working with Peacocks In The Rain.
  2. Attach your resume and a current photograph of yourself.
  3. Email at  editors@peacocksintherain.com with the subject line – “writer and brand advocate :volunteer”