Juanita – Luxury in minimalism

Juanita (wah-NEE-Tah)  is about living in the now. It is based on the philosophy that clothing can help you reinvent yourself. Your clothes are the tool that help you get through life’s transitions. Juanita was founded by Shubhda Priyam who has worked with FDCI and Amazon fashion week designers like Anju Modi and Samant Chauhan. “I […]


I am Trouble by KC

Kunal suggested some Hol Baumann to go with the post- something he listens to the entire day at work. “Our design philosophy is not trend driven  but focused on our unique directional vision referencing high street clothing and youth troublesome nostalgia” says Kunal Chatterjee founder and designer of I am Trouble by KC . Kunal […]

BeFunky Collage

#Makeinindia- Rain Design Delhi

Some music to set the mood  Nandita has donned many hats –  studied and interned at JNU, NIFT, FIT, Festival of India in Russia, Willi Wear – Willi Smith in New York, Sandy Starkman. She has designed clothes under her own label. Also edited – ‘The Yamuna gently weeps’ by Ruzbeh Barucha and created the […]


40 Red Bangles for kids and more …

I know you will want to get up and dance to this music but please only after you finish reading this post Great choice Ramona definitely a refreshing change for the blog. Forty Red Bangles refers to the wedding chura which is traditionally worn by brides for 40 days after their marriage.  “For me it […]


Walk into my wardrobe with Karuna Reddy

Karuna requested this music , I must confess I have heard it for the first time and I looooved it. Karuna is a full-time pug mommy and dabbles in a couple of  things part time.  She is a fashion stylist and loves working on different concepts. She also runs a catering and event styling company called ‘One full meals’ with her partner. She has also […]

Ikai dress Vintage YSL earrings

Walk into my wardrobe with Noor Khanna

Before you start , please play Noor’s favorite music here as you check out her beautiful pictures. Noor was a writer with Conde Nast Traveller magazine for 5 enjoyable years where she  was fortunate enough to combine her two biggest passions travel and writing. . She recently ended her term there and intends to freelance […]

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Love Khadi Love Cotton Rack- First giveaway from Jaipur

I received an email from Vinayak when he heard about my Jaipur trip from a common friend. Vinayak along with his partner Rameshwari founded Cotton Rack over a year ago . They both had worked with brands like Fab India, ColorPlus etc before they decided that they wanted to reinvent Khadi garments in a more modern way. Vinayak […]